Patty Rocklage – Accomplished Therapist, Supportive Wife and Family Enthusiast

Patty Rocklage is a successful therapist specializing in family psychotherapy and marriage. Her experience spans more than two decades. She is well known for helping couples and families struggle through and find solutions to their problems no matter how bad the situation may be. Patty Rocklage went to the University of South Carolina where she graduated in 1981. She is currently based in Sudbury.

Apart from her training and profession, she is also an excellent coach, team builder, community outreach participant, and a great public speaker. Together with her husband, Dr. Scott, Patty gifted the MIT with a new improved Nanotechnology and Nanochemistry lab, which they help in renovating. It was in the same building that her husband’s foundation was laid hence their urge to give back to MIT. A plaque was made in honor of the couple.

Scott and Patty did not like the appearance of their kitchen. A chance came for them to renovate their house through the Sudbury companies, which is well known for giving the best value for money. The company handles the best renovations at a pocket-friendly price. Sadbury Companies has highly qualified staff that assist in saving time, energy, and resources. The couple had two options when it came to their house renovations. Their main house renovations was to touch on their kitchen and front façade to help visitors locate the main house easily unlike before where most visors would walk to the barn and what Patty knows.

With the strict environmental policy of Sunbury town, renovations were certified under the condition that the expert would recycle everything that they will utilize within the house. This meant that trees would come from the home and the driveway was to be constructed from crushed stone. After completion of the project, the Rocklage couple was pleased with the outcome that left them with a spotless kitchen and a great looking farm porch. The two would recommend Ed and the entire Sunbury Company to any person or family that wants quality, affordable, and excellent renovation of any part of their homes. The accomplished couple were happier with their new home as everything seemed to fit seamlessly and read full article.

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