OSI Group is the world leading food provider services and retail brand provision. OSI Group has a well-established infrastructure and financial capacity making it the most prestigious private firm. The OSI Group offers extensive services in the development, production, and distribution of food solutions across the globe. In 2016, it was awarded by the British safety council for excellent management of environmental risks a prestigious honor award. They were awarded at the luncheon hall city in London. The OSI Group firmly believes that its employees’ potentiality enhances her prosperity. OSI Group has various employees that have established her in the market. Such employees include the sanitation group leader responsible for aiding the supervisor and other workmates production tasks. The labor operations, general utility machine. General labor packing, traffic assistant supervisor, supervisor assistant, maintenance mechanic officers among others.

The Group customers are increasing day by day that recently they increased the supply of chicken products to respond to their client needs. The demand for chicken rose by about 6% in the previous decades, and for the past three years, the demand rose by 8%, and the demand was expected to escalate more. The group attained Baho Food from the Dutch industrialists. OSI Group president Davis McDonald explained that adding Baho Food to themselves gives them a great sense of markets in Europe. As such, they are evolving and spreading across Europe strategically hence meeting their clients’ aspirations. Baho Food has five affiliate companies in Netherlands and Germany. Baho companies will aid them to reach greater markets in the eighteen European nations. Moreover, OSI Group bought the two thousand square foot Tyson Foods in Chicago aimed at providing infrastructure for their business expansion. Tyson Foods spokesperson announced in 2015 of its closer and amalgamating with OSI Group. Besides, OSI Group has acquired flagship in Europe hence they will have the mandate of supplying frozen poultry; sous vide products and clothing to Britain food market. As such, OSI Group will have an influential presence in Europe. OSI Group is among the top companies in the USA because of her high standards and best supplies and the capability to integrate innovation and creativity in their products.

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