NewsWatch TV Reviews Contour: The Ultimate Workstation

NewsWatch is a television program with many accolades. They focus on a full spectrum of things such as consumerism with a focus on consumer news, technology, entertainment and celebrities, headlines in medical and government press. Based in Washington DC, they have won awards for their programming.

More recently, they reviewed a company called Contour, specializing in ergonomic workstations for people who sit a desk all day. The company wanted to branch their market out further to target more people in an office environment. The goal of Contour is to make the office life healthier for the worker.

The review discussed how the standard office worker has a basic keyboard and mouse with a computer for over 3 billion people that work in an office. Contour has stepped in to shake up the lifestyle of the worker to make it better. Contour came up with a design called the “Ultimate Workstation.” More specifically, one of the main components is an embedded roller bar mouse onto the keyboard.

Instead of people using the standard keyboard and mouse with all the reaching that can cause shoulder, back, and even wrist pain, the “Ultimate Workstation” is centered for the user. It is wireless and is programmed to turn off on its’ own when not in use. The roller bar allows free movement as the mouse is in use which is more sensitive and requires less pressure on the fingers.

As a result, the Contour saw an increase in sales in their “Ultimate Workstation.” When the review went live on NewsWatch, Contour was able to see the desired market soak up their products. Since many people can see live videos, commentaries, and interviews with people involved in different products, it’s no wonder that people’s innovations are gobbled up and become popularized.

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