Malcolm CasSelle: Using Blockchain Technology to Eliminate Fraud and Fragmentation in the Sale of Virtual Assets

World Wide Asset Exchange, referred to as WAX, is a multinational organization that provides a decentralized platform where individuals can buy or sell virtual assets. CasSelle is the current president of this platform that looks forward to making it easy for the online gaming lovers. The company has the vision of adopting blockchain technology to help buyers and sellers of virtual assets to buy and sell with ease. One of the main challenges the organization will look to enhance is increasing the security of the platform by leveraging on the security that is associated with blockchain technology. Moreover, the platform wants to eliminate fragmentation that has been brought about by people in different countries using different currencies which makes it hard for them to transact.

Malcolm CasSelle is the figure behind the revolution of the organization. The former student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an experienced person who has previously worked in different digital related companies. Being a chief executive offer in various organizations around the world such as Seachange and Xfire demonstrates his experience and capabilities. As the founder of Timeline Labs, an organization that was discovering and measuring the effectiveness of content in social media platform, Malcolm has highlighted his knowledge and expertise in managing startup organizations to the point where they have grown enough to penetrate and have an impact in the industry.

Additionally, Malcolm has been known to be highly interested in investment in highly valued stocks where he has invested much of his funds in companies in digital technology. For example, Malcolm owns a large number of shares in Zynga, Facebook, and other big data companies. He has also been said to have significant interests in units of ownership in firms operating in the up and coming blockchain verticals.

His previous engagement in digitally related organizations shows that Malcolm is aware of the emerging changes in the innovation industry and would be the perfect fit for an entity that intends to invest in cryptocurrency. Investing and enabling its customers to purchase virtual assets through a tokenized system will not only eliminate fraud and fragmentation but will also give an opportunity to all the online game lovers to enjoy a wide range game.

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