Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Fancy Dinner While Helping The Mentally Ill

New York City is famous for its massive homeless population. In fact, more than 57,000 people find themselves homeless in the Big Apple. That number is usually much higher than the population of entire towns in the United States.


Unfortunately, more than 40% of those 57,000 homeless are suffering from a mental illness. Mental illness can be a socioeconomic death sentence. More than 85% of those suffering from a mental illness are unemployed and only 32% graduate from school. More than 50% of the mentally ill must be re-hospitalized for their mental illness after receiving treatment. Mental illness is simply a chronic disease that has an ill effect on all aspects of life.


Jeremy Goldstein recognizes this. That’s why he has gathered some of his friends to have a fancy wine dinner in New York City. Some of the wealthiest New York residents attended the wine dinner where an opulent feast was served. Buying a seat at the wine dinner was not cheap and all of the proceeds from a fantastic night went to the Fountain House.


The Fountain House is a charitable organization that was founded back in 1944 for the betterment of the mentally ill. Six people met in a mental hospital in upstate New York and they made each other a promise. They wanted to reach as many people with a mental illness as possible to let them know that they are not alone. They bought a headquarters in New York City just four years later and began their charitable work. It has blossomed into one of the most effective charitable organizations in the world.


The money from Jeremy Goldstein’s wine dinner will help the Fountain House with their incredible success rates. More than 42% of the mentally ill working with the Fountain House have an able to retain a job. Their collective earnings are more than $2 million per year and they work for more than 40 different New York City-based companies.


A staggering 77% of those in Fountain House have completed an education. Only 10% need re-hospitalization and 99% of those in the Fountain House have housing.


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