Igor Cornelsen: The Investing Guru of Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is an avid investor and a retired banker in Brazil. He is an expert in commodity, foreign exchange investment, and the stock market. Igor presently works with the Bainbridge Group in a consultancy capacity. Cornelsen rose to popularity in Brazil when he made it to one of the country’s top bankers. He managed some of the largest banks in the country and assisted in running a significant percentage of the nation’s entire gross economy.

Investing Tips from Brazil’s Igor Cornelsen

Igor advises that if people want to be successful investors on, they have to start as soon as possible. He says that time is a crucial element for most investments and one should start investing as soon as possible. He also says that although some opportunities may look satisfactory on Tripod.com, there is always a potential risk accompanying them. The good thing is that such risks can be reduced to hedge one’s investment and ensure profitable returns.

Cornelsen says that one of the primary rules of investing is making sure that one doesn’t lose money. Diversifying one’s portfolio is important for an investor for it helps them reduce risks. By expanding one’s portfolio, an investor increases their ability to get more revenue from different sources. Getting an adviser before investing is important because one can get a solid understanding of how to invest at http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/.

The Benefits of Investing

Through investing, people can make their money work for them instead of just keeping it in the bank. Today, it is no longer feasible to depend on a monthly salary and wait for a pension after retiring. Moreover, investments have the ability to outperform inflation, unlike shares which have to earn a rate of return after tax that is larger than the rate of inflation according to Lulu.

Making a wise investment allows one to earn high returns on their investments, which they can use to re-invest or save. Also, long term investments on LinkedIn are suitable for people looking to safeguard their retirement years and live comfortably. Cash is unlikely to deliver long-term returns; that is why investment advisors like Igor Cornelsen insist on concentrating on long-term investments as opposed to short-term ones.

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