How The OSI Group Became a Huge Food Provider

Many people know well that the OSI Group was just a simple butcher shop during the 20th century. But nowadays, it because of one of the biggest food providers in the whole world. This company has provided over 20,000 employees at 65 various facilities around in 17 countries around the whole world. This is a huge corporation already, but little do others know that it had a very simple beginning

Its Simple Beginnings And Dedication to Food

It all happened in the 20th century when Otto Kolschowsky lived in Chicago as part of the German immigrants in the country. 1/4th of the population in Chicago was actually filled with Germans. That’s why these immigrants decided to build farms in the thriving city. As a result, Chicago became the center for butchers, wheat dealers and every type of farm tool and equipment.

This is where Kolschowsky opened a retail meat shop and butchery to help distribute meat for the immigrant community. This is where he showed his talents, which expanded into a wholesale provider of food products after 10 years. It even expanded throughout Chicago over the next decade to the point where it became Otto & Sons in 1928 when Kolschowsky started a family who will run the business.

The Start of Its Everlasting Growth

Otto & Sons became a stable business despite the events that transpired in World Wars I and II. It’s a company that starts to invests by building partnerships with other food providers such as the fast-food giant McDonalds when it started its beginnings during the 1950s. This grew the company even further as it became a global corporation called OSI Group. This just made McDonalds famous due to the quality of burgers that Otto & Sons once provided. This corporation was also built to ensure that affordable and consumer-driven food products will gain popularity.

The development of their business procedures even improved over time as flash freezing helped them develop better fast-food to customers through the means of McDonald’s – guaranteeing a stronger relationship between the two companies. The supply chain of the OSI Group became stronger as many consumers started to recognize McDonald’s – which were the first milestones of its ever-growing fame as a fast-food restaurant. Both reached global heights to the point where it aims to provide even more solutions to improve food safety and quality for many restaurants and food retailers around many parts of the world.

How Is It Expanding Until Now?

Nowadays, it’s building stronger ties in the food industry, particularly in Australia as OSI Group Australia merged with the Turi Foods to build the Turosi Pty Ltd. This company is based in Australia and is now providing world-class food products for many restaurants and supermarkets around the world. It is said that this will become the biggest provider of quick-service restaurants and meat retailers soon.

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