Graeme Holm-Driving Debt Down in Australia

The Australian Financial Review has dubbed Infinity group Australia as one of the most innovative companies in Australian and in New Zealand. They ranked 58 in a competition against thousands of nominees, and they are one of the 100 Most Innovative Companies.


Infinity Group Australia was founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013 and they have seen a rapid growth as the demand for their debt-reduction services is high. The company is a leader in the debt-reduction industry and they have received the innovation award in recognizing their dedication to what they do which is reducing debt and building and secure future for many Australian families.


The selection process for selecting the winners of the award is rigorous and only a few make the top 100 list. Infinity Group Australia received the coveted recognition because they have the perfected ability to solve problems of their clients and they are created on the impact that they have to their community as well as strategic applications. Infinity Group Australia is in a percentage bracket that placed them in the top 5.8 percent of all companies that were nominated.


Inventum performed the selection process. Inventum is a leader in consultation and innovation and they choose Infinity Group Australia based on their performance in the areas of strategy, innovation, internal process, and resource use. Staff members were required to provide a completed survey and performance reports are given to each company. The report provides valuable information and Inventum also offered a workshop which is a forum that enables companies to learn more about the process that is utilized to select the most innovative Australian companies.


Infinity Group Australia was created to help the average Australian family to reduce their debt and to create a secure future. They are a company that becomes successful by making their clients successful and no by making money off of interest and accumulative debt. Infinity Group Australia creates a relationship with their clients that is based on integrity, care, passion, and trust. They are a company that believes that many Australian families have gotten shorted by the big financial institutions and they are driven to fix one Australian home at a time.


Graeme Holm is the founder of Infinity Group Australia. He has 17 years of experience in the financial services industry and has spent nearly a decade in the 4 banking environment. He has accreditations in real estate, financial planning, and in finance as well. When he learned that most Australian families don’t get a very good deal form most financial institutions, he was inspired to change that. He stared is own company, Infinity Group Australia and buckled down to start transforming the lives of Australians struggling under the massive burden of debt. The company has eliminated about $41,000 in debt in just one year and helps many families in Australia to not only pay down their debt but to manage their debt as well as come up with a budget which allows them to live within their means. Learn more:


Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR 2018 Award


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