Focusing On Futurism With Jason Hope

The world is constantly evolving and taking shape in front of us. From futuristic advances in our day to day lives to revolutionary changes in the world of healthcare, future tech is shaping the planet. Futurists, by definition, try to project which technology is going to come out and make an impact on the world.

Jason Hope is one such futurist and he has his eyes set firmly on the Internet of Things, otherwise known as the IoT.

The Internet of Things refers to a world connected by smart technology. When you talk about automated cars, or interfaced technology, you are talking about the Internet of Things. Jason Hope firmly believes that this is the future of the world and society in general. He believes that one day it will be as natural as anything to leave your home, have it lock and power down behind you, before getting into your automated car. Right now the Internet of Things exists on the fringe as a great idea that is finding a way to be executed. Jason Hope believes that it will one day be the way of the world and he is advising corporations and companies everywhere to jump on board.

Of course, Hope is much more than a futurist with a history of blogging his theories. Hope is also a big time philanthropist through the research foundation SENS. SENS Foundation has focused on finding cures for some of the major medicinal problems in the world: Alzheimer’s, lung disease, and heart disease.


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