Fabletics Grows to Ambush the Fashion Industry

Kate Hudson, the renowned owner of Fabletics, is currently competing with Amazon, which controls the fashion e-commerce market by a whopping 20 percent. She is growing a three-year business that is worth $250 million. Fabletics is an online activewear retail that uses subscription mechanics to sell clothes to its loyal customers.


Fabletics is determined to create a modern version of a high-value brand, which involves important aspects like customer experience, last-mile service, and brand recognition. Moreover, its strategy and positioning is beneficial for the fashion membership brand because of their plan of inaugurating additional physical stores to add to the sixteen stores in Hawaii, Florida, and Illinois.


How Fabletics is Unique


Fabletics uses reverse showrooming model to allow customers to browse for items. Showrooming has disappointed Fabletic’s competitors where their customers browse offline and purchase items at an affordable price elsewhere. Fabletic’s model of reverse showrooming has enabled it to establish relationships, be reliable, and understand local markets better.


Fabletics believes that online data is vital for success. The store acknowledges that showing both physical and digital content is important to enhance the customer’s brand. Furthermore, online data is helpful for stocking physical stores with the customer’s preferred items.


Fabletics believes that people, accessibility, and culture are vital for growth. Even though the store has experienced challenges, it has evolved and the balance of consumer education, lifestyle, and customer experience seem to be beneficial for its growth.


Kate Hudson’s View on Fabletics


According to Kate Hudson, Fabletics has been a winning exercise on creating fashion brands in the market. Currently, Fabletics has $250 million revenue with a sale increment of 43 percent in 2016. The company has over 21 million followers on Twitter in just four years. Moreover, it is has open 18 new retail stores and has attracted 1.2 million monthly members across eight countries. Fabletics award members different apparels including tops, bottom and sports bras when their purchase starts from $49.


Kate Hudson is responsible for Fabletic’s tremendous growth. She adopted Warby Parker e-commerce model to establish an affordable and top-notch products that inspired women regardless of heir age, ability, or size. Kate Hudson shared the tips that she used to grow Fabletics to its current state. First, she identified the right market opportunity, for instance, she centered her business on retail stores since there were many expensive activewear. She encourages traders to stay hands on to realize the whether certain apparel is trending or not. Kate also recommends on relying on big data before the decision making process.

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