Darius Fisher Gives Advice on Keeping Personal Information Private

Reputations are so important, any bad word could hurt business or personal life. However, even the best business or person will have haters. One of the worst things that can happen is has having personal information disclosed to those people who seem to have a vendetta against you. Sally Kohn from Daily Beast knows exactly how it feels to be at the mercy of her haters. In her article, “I Got Doxxed So You Don’t Have To,” she discusses how to avoid the same problems she had. A great interview with Status Labs president and co-founder, Darius Fisher, reveals several things to think about with safety of personal information online.

The No.1 thing to do when dealing with online privacy is to get personal information removed from online databases, which make a profit off your identity. Sites such as Spokeo have information about you that could easily be obtained for anyone willing to pay. Opting out of the many sites will erase your private information, but it has to be done often. Other no-brainers for privacy include checking social media privacy settings and changing passwords often. Googling yourself can let you know what kind of information is online about you.

Status Labs is based out of Austin, Texas with other offices in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The premier online reputation management company has helped clients from big-time Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. They have clients around the world that rely on their expertise in digital marketing and reputation repair. Started in 2012, Status Labs has grown greatly to include more expert staff and retain more clients. As co-founder, Darius Fisher has been with the company since its inception. He was recently named as one of PR Weeks’ Innovation 50 for his work with Status Labs. As an expert in marketing, Fisher has been a speaker at marketing conventions as well as granting interviews and writing pieces giving advice on reputations and business. He is helping Status Labs continue to grow.

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