The Success Journey of Businessman Gregory Aziz

Greg Aziz has made tremendous impacts on the car manufacturing sector. He hails from Ontario London. Greg Aziz holds an economics degree from Western Ontario University. He started his career at Affiliated Foods which was their family business. At this company Greg Aziz made it start operations worldwide. The company specialized in providing fresh foods in the market via wholesale price across countries like United States, South America and Europe.

Greg Aziz ventured in Investment banking in New York City after leaving his family business. He had saved some money that he used to purchase The National Steel Car Company. The goal of the National Steel Car Company was creating a railroad freight car and being the leading manufacturer in North America. Gregory James Aziz employed qualified engineers and staff to fulfill this goal. The National Steel Company increased the car production from three thousand to twelve thousand annually. The National Steel Company carries out other operations like producing and supplying rolling stock to railway operators in Canada and America.

National Steel Company through Gregory James Aziz provides a variety of cars. The freight cars include Boxcar that the super and Jumbo duty, Coil Car that contains the transverse coils, the Flat car that involves Center beam cars. Gondola car comprising of the coal car, Hopper car that can be open or closed on top, intermodal car and the Tank car that includes the insulated and non-insulated vehicles. The National Steel Company also produces rail cars and on- rail cars like the Snowplow car, Log Stake car, Passenger car, trucks among others.

Greg Aziz in collaboration with National Steel Car has won awards. It recognized as the only railroad freight car that manufactures and produces to be certified by the ISO 9001.National Steel Car is the second in providing quality cars by the TTX SECO list for eleven years. James Aziz is from a humble background, and this has enabled commit to the Ontario community. Through the National Steel Company, they sponsor charitable organizations like Salvation Army, United Way and other local charitable groups. They also involve their employees in parties like Christmas to celebrate their achievements. He also employs staff in the participation of food drives in any local food banks.

Greg James Aziz and his wife sponsor Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada that produces agricultural products and offers research activities to the youth. Greg Aziz is one who has a clear goal, strategy in business development and works with his staff to meet the needs of the community.


Cassio Audi’s Music Journey

Cassio Audi is a former Brazilian musician who’s currently pursuing an investment career. His voice was famous throughout Brazil in the 1980s. Audi is now known for his passion for financial matters in the stock market as well as other investment portfolios. He is currently pursuing a career as an investment manager and commands respect in the investment industry as a hard worker and an expert who prioritize the investment concerns of his clients. Audi is, however, best known for his past successful music career as a member of a top music band that produced several hit songs. He was a member of the famous heavy metal group, Viper based in Brazil.

Cassio Audi’s music roots go back to the start of legendary rock metal genre bands in Brazil. In pursuit of a meaningful career during his early days, Audi featured prominently in several bands. During his music career days, Audi exuded energy and multifaceted character virtues that underscore his zeal in everything he does. As a member of the Viper band, Audi performed on hit albums such as “The Killera Sword” released in 1985, and Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987. The records demonstrated Audi’s talent and skills in music. The band released another album in 1989 under the title Theatre of Fate, which is famous for its original hybrid of classical and metal music including a song featuring “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. Another famous song on the album is “Living for the Night.” The Theatre of Fate album became a hit in many countries particularly in Japan outselling reputed bands such as Van Halen and Nirvana.

According to Wikipedia, Cassio Audi’s inspiration to join Viper group mainly stemmed from his passion for demonstrating his musical prowess when still in college. His tenure at Viper band gave him an opportunity to showcase his music talent and further gave him the opportunity to explore other career options besides his academic occupation at the university.

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