Mike Heiligenstein Develops Smart Roads in Austin

Summit Discussion



When it comes to the economy of a country, the roads highly depend on it for development. Bad roads equal lateness to work and poor service delivery. That is why the citizens of Texas-Austin were delighted when the Williamson County held a summit to discuss the strategies and implementation of new urban roads in the area. The agenda of the meeting was transportation challenges and how to reach the solutions by developing urban roads in the suburbs. The panel comprised of Mike Heiligenstein, the Director of Regional Mobility Authority in Texas, Founder of RideScout LLC, Mr. Joseph Kosper, the Director of External Affairs Mr. Leandre Johns and lastly, Jared Ficklin, prominent for his ArgoDesigns in the transport industry. The summit was held at Sheraton Hotel, in Texas. Most of the discussion capitalized on the impact of technology on the transportation system across the world.



Huge Capacity Roads



According to Heiligenstein, most modern technologies like driverless cars in addition to ridesharing application would uniquely change the transport system. Mike suggested the involvement of the Austin residents in the development of the already growing transportation network. To him, it was crucial to building smarter roads with huge capacities as is the major strategy towards serving the movement demands of the vastly growing population. The smart roads will also be beneficial to the suburbs because most of the residents possess modern cars. Although Williamson has in the past done a great job on the roads, the population is expected to grow hence the importance of expanding the roads to cater for future generations. Ficklin suggested that the policy makers develop land use codes for flexible roads. According to him, the parking garages need to be expanded to the size of the modern vehicles. They should also have charging stations and service stations in different levels and units.



About Mobility Authority and Mike Heiligenstein



Established in 2002, the Government of Texas owns the Mobility Authority. It was created to offer transportation services in Williamson County. The mission of the agency is to develop and implement innovative and modern transport solutions to prevent congestion in the roads and facilitate transportation. Mike has a full career in the growth and expansion of Central Texas infrastructure. He is the head of Regional Mobility Authority. The agency’s operation began when Mike was chosen to lead the team. He is in charge of the daily operations.

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