Betsy DeVos and Support for Education Through Philanthropy

The spirit of charitable giving is becoming more and more prominent in society. It is now more critical than ever to recognize the ability to do good for those who might not be as lucky. There is also the collective understanding that helping people in need is one of the best things the society can do. Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick are among the people who decided that their charitable giving would be appreciated. Being in a position where it was possible comes from both their families as well, but it didn’t mean Betsy DeVos had it easy.


Her family, even though they are wealthy, wanted to show their children how important it is to work hard. Therefore Betsy had to achieve everything herself. It allowed her to learn the importance of good education and not to give up her dreams. The values passed down from her parents are still very important to Betsy. She and her husband wanted to pass those values down to their children who are now grown up and have left the nest.


Betsy DeVos together with her husband started the DeVos Foundation to be able to give back to those who need it most. They are both passionate about education, and the Foundation sponsors various education facilities and projects for children of all ages.


They were able to donate more than 11 million dollars to different charities, and their philanthropy is not stopping there. Each year they find something more they can do. Betsy DeVos believes that education should be accessible to all children and it should not be a privilege. They support Colleges and Schools with a different focus from Arts to Science.


They come from a new type of wealthy society. More and more people in a community who now their good fortune can help others have encouraged their colleagues and peers to do the same. Now it isn’t about who knows the most A-list celebrities but who can help the most people. There is a gap between the different parts of society and people like Betsy DeVos and the DeVos Foundation want to reach out and make the difference smaller as much as possible. She believes that every person deserves to live the American dream even if they don’t come from the ‘’right’’ Zip code. Opportunities should not merely pass them by and ignore them, so this kind of philanthropy is even more critical than before.


Many talented children benefit from philanthropists, and the results are evident since they excel at school and working on the different project they can take on. Everybody needs a little help, a little push in the right direction sometimes and there is no shame involved because society comes together to help it happen.


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