Equities First Holdings Continues to Expand Its Global Reach

When Equities First Holdings decided to tap into the security-based lending market, they definitely were set for success. And true to this statement, their Hong Kong branch is now certified to provide loans to Asian clients.

Since their debut in 2002, Equities First seized a market gap that had remained untapped for years. The many potential investors, homeowners and entrepreneurs who could not secure loans the conventional way provided a lee way for this global lender to try out a mode of lending not known to many: security-based lending.

Security-based lending meant clients could secure new loans without the need of a background check. No credit score history is required as the collateral is in the form of stock asset securities. Provided an individual holds high value assets in the stock market, they are eligible for a loan with Equities First.

The idea of securing loan against publicly traded shares was good news to so many investors. Equities First has been able to handle over $1.4 billion worth of transactions since their opening. Their offices expanded from the headquarters in Indianapolis to global branches in Switzerland, Australia, Thailand and Singapore.

Equities First Holdings Hong Kong branch now is certified to provide security loans following Hong Kong’s financial lending protocols. Receiving this Money Lender License meant the loan company was able to meet a couple of requirements mandated by the Hong Kong legislature. Equities First will comply with all required data privacy regulations when providing loans to Hong Kong clients; they will show transparency in compliance and reporting; they will also be honest in all their marketing campaigns; and will conduct business on the Asian country to the required professional standards.

Being able to overcome any international hurdle is one of the ingredients that fuels Equities Holding’s success. They are not afraid to break into unchartered waters because one thing is constant: every country has a stock market bureau which means a good percentage of its citizens do hold public shares. Additionally, as long as conventional lending policies are quite similar globally, there will always be a gap for the individuals who still need loans despite their credit score.