Question and answers about the Lovaganza

What is the Lovaganza?
The Lovaganza is an event that has been prepared to celebrate the cultures of this earth. The Lovaganza had been scheduled to take place in the year 2015, but the event was postponed to 2020 between the months of May to September.

Why was the event postponed?
First, the event was postponed to give the event planners time to prepare well. Second, the event planners on Tumblr saw the need for waiting so that they can make good use of the emerging technologies, especially in filming and exhibitions.

How has the Lovaganza been organized?
Just like any other event, there is a lot of planning that has been made to make this event a success. First, the event has been divided into two structures. First, there is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which is responsible for generating income that will be used in the preparation of the event. Second, there is the Lovaganza Foundation that focusses on improving the lives of people by relying on the income that has been generated from the Lovaganza Franchise.

Is there anything else that one should know about the Lovaganza?
Yes. Before the real event of Lovaganza, there is a travel show that has been organized to make people aware of the real event. The travel show kick starts in the year 2017 and will achieve its aims through the use of films and exhibitions. The films that will be used in this case are already filmed in different parts of the world like Spain and United States of America as well as France. Also, it’s important to note that Lovaganza event has been inspired by the Bohemian adventure.

Where will be the event be held?
Lovaganza event will be held all over the world as different venues have already been chosen. Currently, eight venues have been designated in Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Pacific region. According to the event organizers, this event has been inspired by several things. First, it has been inspired by events of the past. Second, it has been inspired by the events of the present. Finally, the event organizers on say that this event has been inspired by the event of the future.