OSI Group Industry

OSI Industries is the best international food provider and leading across the world. It is the best relied on by consumers due to its incredible food service and supply. It provides the best food brands and solutions of food on the table to consumers. The industry offers financial and infrastructure resources to the local people around thereby contributing to the growth and development of an area.

OSI Industries provides broad experiences for development, supply, and distribution custom food solutions all around the globe. The firm has excellent passion and agility to meeting consumers need and demands, thus it is always devoted to doing the best in its operation. It has always provided quality products to its consumers hence making the consumers have trust in the company.

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OSI Industries makes high quality food products that receive positive feedback from all customers across the world. Its objective is to offer best and quality services to customers. It has now over 100 years’ experience in the food processing industry with extensive custom product capabilities. It is committed to providing food safety and quality assurance.

One can always turn to OSI Industries for the fresh, inventive methods to offer the next generation solutions to food. It can as well turn one’s ideas to success. It has a team of experts who are committed to giving the best and has employed over 10,000 employees across the world.

The OSI Group Industry is committed to doing the following:
• Committing to sustainability all through its broad network
• Doing inventive research and design service, which assist in bringing the meal and menu concepts in life
• Excellent cooking abilities and international flavor knowledge
• Well-organized and dependable supply chain capability
• Custom solutions of food that is made from precise specifications

It seeks to collaborate with other industries in providing the best services to its consumers. It always strives to constantly improve its services to gain the consumer’s trust and dependability. Aims at exploring innovative measures and solutions to the consumers to provide the best ideas it can. OSI Industries work as a team to deliver its objectives to the consumers.

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A Lot Has Changed For The OSI Group, But Tradition is Still At The Company’s Heart

The OSI Group is more than just an international food processing and meatpacking corporation, it is a prime example of how a company can start out as a small family-owned business and grow into one of the most highly respected industry leaders in its sector. The OSI Group has more than a century of success behind it, and even today it still operates under the same basic principles and values that its founder Otto Kolschowsky lived by when he started Otto Meat Market in 1909. It is this dedication to high quality, fair business practices, exceptional customer care, corporate responsibility, and of course, strong tradition, that has led the OSI Group to be a global leader in food distribution network sourcing.

Of course, a lot has changed from those early days in the Oak Park district on the west side of Chicago. Back then Otto was running a small butchers shop to support his family. He was a part of the large and highly active German immigrant community that had settled in the region. He was also the latest in a long line of Kolschowsky men who had practiced the age-old art of butchering. He had learned the trade from his father who had been taught by his father and so on back for eight generations. It was a good time to be a butcher in Chicago. The city was at that time known as “the meat market to the world” due to the large number of processing and packing plants and meat companies. Otto’s market was an overnight success and soon he had to expand to accommodate orders from housewives and restaurants alike. It seemed everyone wanted Otto’s meat on their table, and there was one customer that would soon help Otto & Sons grow into the international powerhouse that is today.

The time was the early 50’s and America was being overrun with burger stands, diners, and drive-ins. It seemed that the post-war culture had found its official food, and it was the hamburger. It was this craze, along with the relatively new concept of francization, that led to an even bigger craze than the burger, McDonald’s. The small company that had started out as a burger stand in southern California was now growing by leaps and bounds, and it seemed there was a new McDonalds popping up somewhere in the country every week. The demand for high-quality meat was overwhelming, and in each major region the company worked to find suppliers that could handle the need. In the upper mid-west, the choice was simple, Otto & Sons. It was a partnership that would change both companies and both industries forever.

Soon Otto & Sons was rebranding itself as OSI Industries and they were growing right alongside McDonald’s. Within a couple of decades, they were the exclusive provider for proteins to McDonald’s in North America, and were a primary supplier in many international markets. OSI expanded more and more and soon was rebranded again as the OSI Group. The latest incarnation has seen the company grow beyond being just a supplier to McDonald’s and into being a provider of high-quality meat and other protein products to food service networks around the world.

Today the OSI Group operates in 17 countries and runs more than 65 facilities employs more than 20,000 people. The company is on the fast track to another major expansion soon that will bring more major markets under its service area and will allow them to provide better support to even more food service networks. Yes, a lot has changed since Otto stood behind his counter in Chicago, but one thing remains the same. OSI is till the name to turn to for the best meat products to put on your table, and it always will be because the spirit of Otto is always there watching over every piece of meat that is processed.

The Expansion of OSI Industries

The management of the organization has focused on expansion in the last few years. One of the strategies that the leadership adopted was the acquisition of food processing companies such as Tyson Foods. The acquired firm was situated in Chicago and also served as a storage warehouse. Its closeness to OSI Industries and the 20,000 square feet dimension were some of the features that made the facility to be suitable for its use. The expansion was expected to increase the firm’s production capacity and the market size for its food products. North America’s Vice-president of the company pointed out that the purchase was also part of its objective to meet the changing customer needs. A representative of Tyson revealed that the facility would end its operations in 2015. According to him, the move was meant to improve productivity.

OSI Industries is headquartered in Illinois. It is the largest provider of value-added proteins and several other foods around the globe. Currently, the firm has 65 facilities spread out across the world. In 2016, the company acquired Baho Foods. The acquired firm specializes in snacks and deli meats. The value of the acquisition was not disclosed to the members of the public. According to the organization’s President, Mr. McDonald, the purchase was meant to increase the food provider’s presence in Europe. Baho Foods has several subsidiaries situated in Germany and the Netherlands. The facilities distribute the firm’s products to 18 countries. The leading food provider decided to work with the leaders of the Baho Foods that were believed to be helpful in growing the company. For example, John Balvers who acts as a managing director.

According to the managing director, working with OSI Industries was a great opportunity. One of the factors that have contributed to the growth of OSI Industries is maintaining good relationships with its customers over the years. Mr. Balvers expressed his confidence that the partnership would make it easy to cater to the changing needs of the customers by increasing the number of products available. The food provider also purchased a US-based firm called Flagship Europe. As part of a rebranding initiative, it was renamed as Creative Foods Europe earlier this year.


OSI Group is the world leading food provider services and retail brand provision. OSI Group has a well-established infrastructure and financial capacity making it the most prestigious private firm. The OSI Group offers extensive services in the development, production, and distribution of food solutions across the globe. In 2016, it was awarded by the British safety council for excellent management of environmental risks a prestigious honor award. They were awarded at the luncheon hall city in London. The OSI Group firmly believes that its employees’ potentiality enhances her prosperity. OSI Group has various employees that have established her in the market. Such employees include the sanitation group leader responsible for aiding the supervisor and other workmates production tasks. The labor operations, general utility machine. General labor packing, traffic assistant supervisor, supervisor assistant, maintenance mechanic officers among others.

The Group customers are increasing day by day that recently they increased the supply of chicken products to respond to their client needs. The demand for chicken rose by about 6% in the previous decades, and for the past three years, the demand rose by 8%, and the demand was expected to escalate more. The group attained Baho Food from the Dutch industrialists. OSI Group president Davis McDonald explained that adding Baho Food to themselves gives them a great sense of markets in Europe. As such, they are evolving and spreading across Europe strategically hence meeting their clients’ aspirations. Baho Food has five affiliate companies in Netherlands and Germany. Baho companies will aid them to reach greater markets in the eighteen European nations. Moreover, OSI Group bought the two thousand square foot Tyson Foods in Chicago aimed at providing infrastructure for their business expansion. Tyson Foods spokesperson announced in 2015 of its closer and amalgamating with OSI Group. Besides, OSI Group has acquired flagship in Europe hence they will have the mandate of supplying frozen poultry; sous vide products and clothing to Britain food market. As such, OSI Group will have an influential presence in Europe. OSI Group is among the top companies in the USA because of her high standards and best supplies and the capability to integrate innovation and creativity in their products.