Norman Pattiz: Applying Research To Prove The Effectivity Of Podcast Advertising

According to Crunchbase,Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne, an advertiser supported network for podcast, which is one of the leaders in the industry. His network has over 300 hours of programming each week, across 200 podcast shows that are able to deliver more than 400 million monthly impressions through advertising.

The company is a media giant and has proven their influence to the people, which is why brand names often contact them for advertising purposes. They have a strict professional approach in working with their clients, that is why trust have developed over time and the number of advertisers who wanted to work with them is also rising in numbers.

With PodcastOne being considered as an influential media company, Norman Pattiz, its CEO, have decided to perform a study as to how effective podcast advertising can be.

They have partnered with Edison Research to conduct a series of tests, involving five major brands. The study ran from four to six weeks, and the results are remarkable. What the researchers find out was that whenever a grocery brand is advertised through podcasts, more than 60 percent of the listeners would definitely remember the brand and will mention its brand name while being advertised.

It went up to seven percent from the previous known study. Second was with the unaided product awareness, which has dramatically increased, comparing the results from their pre-study and their post study. It went up by 47 percent for products related with financial services, 37 percent for products related to the automobile industry and by 24 percent for products that are related to gardening.

Also, during the study, Edison Research managed to find out that a huge number of respondents, more than one-third of them, has shown a very favorable opinion about the automobile products, which has climbed to 18 percent compared to previous known studies.

22 percent also stated that they are very likely to purchase a product that is being used on the lawn and in the garden, which has grown from the previous known data of 18 percent.

Finally, the campaign message that is being broadcasted seems to leave a positive impression to 60 percent of the respondents who listened to automobile advertisement and 76 percent to those who listened to restaurant advertisement.

These studies just prove how people would be more likely remember a brand just by listening to it through podcast, and how it can affect the growth of a brand. With this research, PodcastOne will be able to attract more client, as there is already a scientific study as to how effective this kind of advertising can be.

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