The Man at the Leadership of the Capital Research and Management Company

The chairman, director and principal executive director of capital research and Management Company is Timothy D. Amour or Tim as many who are close to him call him. His journey to the top of the leadership started in 1983 when he joined the company’s associates program. He is also an equity and portfolios managers at the company and has served as an Equity Investments Analyst with the same company. He holds a degree in Economics from the Middlebury College. Timothy Armour was appointed to the position of chairman of the group in 2015 after the previous chairman passed away.

Armour has watched the company grow from a small business outfit to the large company that it is today. Currently, Capital Group has an asset base of $1.4 million and has really improved their market presence after the dip that followed the passing of the previous leader, Rothenberg. Tim served as a key deputy to Rothenberg for many years. Before he started his work at the top of the management, the company had been accused of being to secretive about their operations.

He has also been actively involved in the in house research that is aimed at showing the many benefit that come from active fund management. He has overseen the sharpening of the sales operations within the company, and especially the improved long term performance records by some of their key funds such as the American Funds Mutual Funds.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr. Armour once stated that people should move away from trying to focus too much on benchmark returns. he stated that there are many better options out there and that they are achievable, but only when the right measures are put in place and the conditions of investing made right. In Armour’s 32 year old career with the Capital group, he has worked in the junior positions, moved up the ranks and become very instrumental to the decision making processes at the company.

The leadership of Capital Group is more collegiate than the many others run by the conventional CEO. With his experience as a board member in three different institutions, Tim has all the skill, experience and personality needed to run a top corporate body like the Capital group.