Tempus, Treating Cancer Patients with Care

Eric Lefkofsky is a recognized American Entrepreneur who has established various startup companies like Groupon, Tempus, Innerworkings, and Echo Global Logistics and so on. Among these companies, Groupon is considered the largest and most successful one. He has founded companies in various sectors such as technology, e-commerce, biotechnology etc. he has earned almost two billion dollars revenue from the field of e-commerce.

Tempus Company is the result of countless effort and struggles by Eric. This company has been working on various projects with the collaboration of Chicago University. The main focus of this company is to work on the assemblage of all the database of many types of cancer. This data base is used to analyze the data extensively with the help of computers and software. This project’s primary purpose is to gather every bit of data in a single place, find out connections and blank spots regarding cancer. This provides the oncologists with more data so that they can work on newer methodologies and technologies to combat cancer by introducing new techniques and drugs in the market for the treatment of cancer.

Nowadays, Breast Cancer is one of the various types of cancer that lack effective data. There is a need of extensive research on breast cancer so that it can be cured on time. Scientists, researchers, and oncologists are working together to find out more about this cancer so that it can be treated and learn more about Eric.

Tempus has become partners with many hospitals. It has also helped to build new labs all across America. The lab inside Tempus is almost twenty thousand square feet, equipped with the latest technology with more than a hundred oncologists and scientists working together. It is a state of the art lab which brings data science and technology into clinical care. The tempus lab is CLIA certified. It has the ability to treat more than fifty thousand patients. Tempus focuses on patients care with the purpose to make them better as soon as possible by getting them rid of the cancer. They are treated with great care and attention by experienced oncologists.

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Seattle Genetics Defies The Odds of Cancer Patients Survival Rates

Recently, the Seattle Genetics‘ second quarter of 2016’s financials were released via a conference call. Peggy Pinkston, the Executive Director of the company, led the call. Also on the call were the President Clay Siegall, CEO Todd Simpson, CFO Eric Dobmeier, and many others.

The purpose of this meeting was to look to the future and the overall operation performance of the company to date. These financials reports discussed were based on expectations set forth at the last meeting, and the results may vary from what was originally projected.

The SEC’s Form 10-Q was referenced during the call. This was filed at the end of the quarter on March 31, 2016. The progress made over the past few months were highlighted. They have been working to build ADCETRIS into a significant franchise, which seems to be going according to plan. They are also want to advance their pipeline of support to turn their company into a global multi-product cancer provider.

Their product ADCETRIS brought in net sales that were record breaking. They are heading into the third phase of the trial and are looking to future expansions. They hope to transform the way lymphomas are treated very soon. Their goal is to improve the survival rate for the older AML patients very soon.

In total, their revenues for the second quarter was around $95 million. ADCETRIS brought in $66 million, which is up 20 percent over the second quarter in 2015. They are confident that ADCETRIS will net them the sales goal of $255 million this year. The product is available in 65 countries and is being considered for high-risk patients in a Hodgkin lymphoma based trial. The company is on track to change the cancer treatment methods that are old and outdated. By increasing the survival rates, their products will be implemented and save lives.

Though Seattle Genetics has incredible goals to meet with their new product lines, it seems that they are crushing these goals and cancer with it.