Water Contamination Issue at Squaw Valley Eases


Recently Squaw Valley had to report a dangerous contamination condition at a new water supply that had just been put into operation. After the installation of this new water supply in the upper mountain area, the entire Squaw Valley ski area was unexpectantly inundated with rain. And the runoff from the rainstorm deposited contaminated soil into the water supply producing the hazardous E Coli bacteria. The employee in charge of health conditions at the resort dutifully reported the condition to the local health authorities after shutting down the water supply to those receiving water from that contaminated source. Bottled water was provided for those staying in this part of the resort and life at this iconic ski resort got back to normal with only an embarrassed look on their collective faces. The report was sent to Placer County on November 8. At this time of year, the management at Squaw Valley is looking for snow and not rain.

Since reported, the water condition in the wells has improved. The restaurants located at the upper portion of Squaw Valley will remain closed until the water supply shows no contamination.

Global warming is having an impact on ski seasons around the globe. This combined with a shrinking global economy is limiting the number of active skiers spending time on the ski slopes, in the restaurants, and staying at the lodges.

Read the entire report issued by the Sierra Sun electronic edition here: http://www.sierrasun.com/news/environment/squaw-valley-issues-statement-on-upper-mountain-water-quality/

The latest forecast from the Sierra Sun calls for a mixture of snow and rain and blizzard conditions that could close roads in the resort area. The weather necessary for the operation of a ski resort lies with a small area where extremes can hinder operations. This delicate balance is being adversely affected by global warming and climate change deniers need to rethink their positions before skiing down beautiful snow-covered slopes becomes only a pleasant memory.