Tony Petrello in philanthropy with his wife, Cynthia

Although Tony Petrello has been raised for the role he has played in the development of Nabors industries, it is the commitment that has shown toward philanthropy that is bringing the attention of the people closest to him. In the last one decade, he has focused his attention on winning other battles apart from the ones in the business sector where he has already proved to be the best. Petrello is keeping a clean track record as one of the people who has done so much in helping the needy causes in the community. He does not want only to be remembered as the successful CEO of Nabors Industries, but to be remembered for the number of lives he has changed. This is the main reason that he is in philanthropy. He wants to make the industry as exciting as possible. He wants to touch the lives of the people, and this could only be accomplished by helping them solve some of the challenges that they face. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation.

In his philanthropic journey, Tony Petrello has been giving generously to causes that he believe will bear fruits and assist people who are currently struggling. Tony Petrello has given $5 million as a donation to a medical facility located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. This facility is known as Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center. This is a facility that is researching the causes and treatment of neurological disorders in children. With this facility, he is committed to seeing it realize the goals it has set of helping children who suffer from neurological disorders.

Tony Petrello has been in this philanthropy mission together with his wife named Cynthia. Together, they want to see facility succeed because its success will have a personal effect on them. To ensure that the facility accomplishes its mission, they have promised to add another $2 million to the facility. On top of the personal donations they are making, they are co-chairs of the fundraising committee of the facility. The committee has managed to raise $500 million, which has gone to the advancement of this facility. The Petrellos hope to see the facility offer world-class service to its clients.

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Sahm Adrangi

When most people think of investors and capital managers, they think of the smug, lazy, wealth-inheriting millionaire that only serves himself. Fortunately, there are hard-working risk takers like Sahm Adrangi to help break this conception of the world’s investment managers.

Sahm Adrangi is currently the founder and Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC. Kerrisdale is renowned for its quick growth and ability to spot trends before other capital management firms. The Company was started in 2009 with a small loan that Adrangi obtained from his parents. With only $1 million in managed funds to start, Kerrisdale now boasts a portfolio of several companies and a fund management level of over $150 million. Some of the Company’s larger investments are Dish Network, Aeropostale, Lindsay Corporation, and the Cheniere Energy Partners.

As mentioned before, Sahm Adrangi was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When he was young, he was fortunate to get into Yale University. He graduated with his BA in Economics in 2003 and went straight into the workforce as a credit analyst for Duestche Bank. There, he learned about credit and how the business world worked in general. He soon found that he was less interested in credit and more interested in managing investments and helping companies capitalize on their earnings. Sahm Adrangi found himself as an analyst at the multi-billion dollar Longacre Fund Management company in short order. After learning the ins and outs of investment banking, he founded Kerrisdale.

Sahm Adrangi currently researches new potential investments and trends in the market, and he has brought many ideas about investments and business strategy to light. He has been lauded as being extremely gifted in finding under-followed longs and overhyped shorts. He has even brought to light several fraudulent schemes and Chinese companies such as Lihua International and China Marine Food Group.

Now Sahm Adrangi is looking for his next big move. He has already started to move from research into a more active investment role in a few of his areas of expertise, such as mining, biotechnologies, and telecommunications. There is little doubt that his next 15 years in the business will be just as interesting as his last 15 years.

One Wonders What The Future Holds For Sawyer Howitt

Most of the Millenials, born between 1980 and 2000, are self-employed as per the reports by the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce. They cannot tolerate the hustle of being employed as most love their freedom. It is also notable that they took lumps during global recession but are bouncing with visionary ideas and optimism.

Such is the case with Sawyer Howwit, who graduated from Lincoln High School in Portland. Sawyer is cited as one of the many rising stars in this generation. He shows a comprehension of the operational and financial operations of running a successful firm despite his tender age. Sawyer Howitt knows how to make consumers successfully identify with brands. He is also highly interested in customer service as he understands that the clients determine a huge part of brand success.

Sawyer recently just acquired a position at the Meriwether Group, which is a business development service in Portland. There, his main responsibly will be to explore how companies adapt to the evolving technologies. Other than being business savvy, Sawyer is also a good person who works to better his community. He donates to various charities and runs mentoring programs for many youth groups. He also fights for women, who in most societies are oppressed. Other than that, Sawyer helps in leading an international ethnic study group. For fun, Sawyer loves fishing and plays racquetball. He also plans to attend the University of California to further his studies.

Personal details
Sawyer Howitt was born in 2000, and as young as he is, he understands the operational and financial needs of businesses. He also appreciates the souls of the brands, connection, and resonance to the consumers. Sawyer Howitt is also very good at tasks as complex as spreadsheets and nuanced presentations. He is similarly apt at note taking during key meetings. For him, no job is too big or too small.

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Focusing On Futurism With Jason Hope

The world is constantly evolving and taking shape in front of us. From futuristic advances in our day to day lives to revolutionary changes in the world of healthcare, future tech is shaping the planet. Futurists, by definition, try to project which technology is going to come out and make an impact on the world.

Jason Hope is one such futurist and he has his eyes set firmly on the Internet of Things, otherwise known as the IoT.

The Internet of Things refers to a world connected by smart technology. When you talk about automated cars, or interfaced technology, you are talking about the Internet of Things. Jason Hope firmly believes that this is the future of the world and society in general. He believes that one day it will be as natural as anything to leave your home, have it lock and power down behind you, before getting into your automated car. Right now the Internet of Things exists on the fringe as a great idea that is finding a way to be executed. Jason Hope believes that it will one day be the way of the world and he is advising corporations and companies everywhere to jump on board.

Of course, Hope is much more than a futurist with a history of blogging his theories. Hope is also a big time philanthropist through the research foundation SENS. SENS Foundation has focused on finding cures for some of the major medicinal problems in the world: Alzheimer’s, lung disease, and heart disease.


Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg And What They Model Themselves After

Both Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have taken a unique approach to fashion. One thing that has inspired them is that they have come up with a model that they want to be like when it comes to the products they offer. One thing that they have decided is that they wanted to be on top of the trends. They also want to offer clothes that other stores don’t offer. One thing that they decided to model their store after in some way is the H&M retailer company. H&M is a store that offers unique items for both men and women, and they offer it at affordable prices.


Don and Adam have taken the time to study all of the fashion giants in order to find out what they do that makes them stand out. Then they have decided on how they want to approach fashion. Among the common things they have noticed about many fashion retailers is that they don’t have any of their own products. This is what limits the type of products that are available. Don has decided that their company is going to offer their own products. On top of that, these clothes are going to sell at a lower price than other stores.


One of the reasons that they have wanted to be like H&M is that the store has offered a lot of trendy clothes. Don and Adam want to do the same things for people. However, they also want to be able to reach people in other parts of the world where there is nothing remotely like H&M. This gives them the ability to gain customers and keep them. For one thing, when customers look for something unique, they need some outlet that is going to provide that for them. Adam and done have decide to create that for them.

Jose Borghi Uses His Experience as Leverage for Mullen Lowe

Mullen Lowe Brasil may have just undergone a recent rebrand, but this is an ad agency that has over 25 years of advertising experience backing it. The President of Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi has been leading the wave of Brazilian advertising from the moment his degree in Publicity and Advertising was conferred. Borghi is not new to the world of advertising, in fact, the international scope of advertising could stand to benefit even more from the progressive and creative work that Jose Borghi consistently produces and more information click here.

He started out as a copywriter for top ad agencies, creating campaigns for companies that would lead to tremendous results for the brand as well as heightened recognition for himself. In 1999, Borghi was named by Archive Magazine as the Most Awarded Copywriter. His work only became more widely regarded as his position changed from a copywriter for ad agencies to the CEO of his own company that he founded in 2002, Borghierh Creative Intelligence. Borghi was recognized 15 times by the Abril Awards, one of the most prominent award festivals in Brazil.

The Cannes Festival, Clio, One Show, New York Festival, and London festival have all presented several awards to Borghi for his immense contribution the world as a creative entrepreneur. As the President of Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi brings all of his experience with him, but as an innovator he also brings an open mind for fresh ideas and perspectives. The brands that Borghi has worked with in the past have all witnessed the genius of his distinctive way of turning a vision into a reality and contact him.

Meet Hussain Sajwani, Donald Trump’s Dubai Business Partner

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded the global property company called DAMAC, a company he considers a family owned company. In the middle 1990’s, Sajwani had built several hotels in the Dubai to accommodate the growing population. He was a pioneer in the country’s economic expansion. Long before he started his career, Hussain Sajwani earned his economics undergraduate degree at the University of Washington. Today, a family man Sajwani is married and the father of four children.


After he graduated from the University of Washington, Sajwani became a contracts manager at GASCO that is a part of the National Oil Company. By 1982, Sajwani established Draieh Management Services Co. Ten years later, the manager also established a company called DICO Invest. Hussain Sajwani ran a catering business. His catering business served many countries including CIS, the Middle East, and Africa. The catering service had supplied food for people working at construction worksites, army camps, educational institutions, 5 Star hotels, and more.

Hussain Sajwani’s company DAMAC, bought some undeveloped land to construct what would be Sajwani’s first 38-story residential building. Vacancies were completely sold out six months before the building was completed. This residential building allowed foreigners to finally own property. The DAMACs company employs 2000 people and developed more than 16,800 homes. In addition to helping the population of Dubai, Sajwani has been involved in celebrity oriented properties including a golf course for Tiger Woods that will be managed by the Trump Organization. DAMAC is also going to build a Luxury Apartment with Italian Versace designed interiors.


Through their business deals, Sajwani and Donald Trump have established a business partner relationship. Together the two billionaires have worked together to establish the Trump International Golf Club, a $2 billion project. Two and a half weeks before the Presidential inauguration, Trump threw a New Year’s Eve party at his Floridian estate, Mar-a-Lago. There were 800 guests including Hussain Sajwani and his wife. When Trump and Sajwani are together, partying or having fun they talk social talk and forget about business. Trump and Sajwani do not mix business with pleasure.

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Engineer Flavio Maluf, An Insightful Businessman

Flavio Maluf is a Mechanical engineer and a visionary entrepreneur. Flavio Maluf is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Board of Directors at Eucatex S.A. He also acts as the Vice President of Eucatex Trading. He has worked in this organization for over three decades. This has helped him to gain experience in the field of management. Mr. Flavio is a Mechanical engineer by profession. Flavio Maluf has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Fundacao Armando Alvales Penteado (FAAP). He went on to New York University (NYU) where he earned his Degree in Administration.

Mr. Flavio’s career kicked off in the year 1987. He started working in the in the trades department of the Family business. He was then transferred to the Industrial Department where he worked until 1996. He was promoted to join the Board of Directors at Eucatex Group due to his impressive performance. He gained popularity among the Directors and Partners for his team building and leadership skills. Mr. Flavio restructured the whole administrative structure of the company. He went on to launch new projects such as the opening of a new plant in Sao Paulo in the year 2010.

Flavio Maluf is passionate about contributing towards initiatives meant to help the community. He collaborates with other institutions such as Hospitals to ensure that quality healthcare is accessible to all locals regardless of their social and financial status on LinkedIn. He has worked to make sure that Eucatex remains a leader in taking environmental standards into consideration. The company set the standards in the year 1951.

Eucatex works hand in hand with other Institutions and groups to create awareness through education programs in schools with the aim of preserving the environment. Flavio Maluf has contributed enormously towards the overall success of the company in his tenure as the President. He has done this through expanding the market by exporting the products on that resulted in an increase in annual revenue in 2014. Flavio is very resourceful businessman building a small business to a global business empire despite being an engineer by profession.



Dubai is a place that was previously associated with oil businesses, but today it has proven to be dream home besides the long-term business notion. Hussain Sajwani, often referred by many as the billionaire developer, is among the few notable individuals who have contributed significantly to changing people’s notion about his hometown.

The 63-years old, Hussain Sajwani, is a resident of United Arab Emirates. He is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a renowned residential real estate developer. Hussain was not from a well to do family. His father owned a store in town where he used to work. His mother, on the other hand, used to hawk goods around their place of residence. Hussain says that his business experience dates back to his childhood since he was involved either directly or indirectly in his parents’ businesses.

Sajwani’s success stories date back to his young age. In 1978, he was among the few lucky students who won government scholarships to study in the United States. He joined the University of Washington where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. Upon graduation, Sajwani returned to his hometown filled with the urge to transform it into a home of the dream.

Upon returning, Hussain got his first job as a contracts manager in GASCO, a subsidiary of the renowned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Since his tender age, Sajwani is known to be a risk-taker when it comes to a chase for luck. In 1982, the successful business person set out to venture on his own. He established Draieh Management Services, a catering service provider that eventually became DAMAC Group.

DAMAC, a real estate company that he established in 2002, earned Sajwani a global recognition. To him, he was just utilizing a decree issued by the government which allowed foreigners to own properties little did he have a clue that it was going to be a breakthrough in his life.

Initially, the company was associated with incredible offers, such as the issuance of an exotic car upon purchase of a luxurious property. However, over time, DAMAC Properties has engaged in massive projects that have seen Dubai transformed into a luxurious home. Not long ago, Sajwani partnered with Donald Trump on golf courses project little did he know that he was going to be partnering with the POTUS.

When it comes to business, Trump is one among the few individuals with the necessary skills to run for the money. Hence, a partnership with Sajwani is evident that the Dubai-based tycoon is a mogul in real estate business. Besides, Hussain and Trump are very close friends. Before Trump joined the political field, both families used to visit one another. Despite Trump declaring to cease his engagements in business, Hussain says that their partnership is meant to continue through Trump’s children. To Hussain, Trump’s presidency is a chance for new developments in his hometown.

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The exponential growth of Hawaiian Volcanic water, Waiakea

Did you know that more than half the population in third world countries has no access to clean drinking water? The majority of these communities have to deal with the disease outbreaks such as cholera that result from using water that is contaminated.

There is one businessman who understands that even though alone he cannot manage to end the problem in the third world, at least he can try and solve for the few communities that he is currently working with. According to Specialty Food, The Waiakea water is a brand of mineral water that is taken from the natural springs of Hawaii. The excess of the proceeds that come from selling this water go directly into funding these charities.

This year alone, the company has attained an exponential growth of more than 5000 percent. When they started the company, they were only giving out supplied of 2000 cases every year, however, the business has really expanded and they are currently supplying 120,000 cases.

This is the growth that has helped the company supply more than 500 million liters of water in Africa.

The brand has really expanded their market and is now selling in more than 30 states in the country. They have undertaken a project to help them increase their water production in Hawaii by building another plant. The company, which was struggling to find startup capital is now worth more than 10 million dollars and is still growing.

The stores stocking the water include WholeFoods and WaWa and the managers are in talks with other businesses to have the water there too. Ryan Emmons, the founder of the brand says that he is extremely proud of the progress that they have made with the company.

How the brand was born

Ryan was taking a stroll near Mauna Loa when he realized that he had one of nature’s most important resources at his doorstep. Crunchbase revealed to us that the Waiakea spring water is naturally filtered through by thousands of feet of volcanic rock and ends up with a very delicious alkaline taste. For each liter of the water purchased, the company pays for the provision of 650 liters of clean water in Africa.

The company has clearly made huge achievements in sustainability. In fact, they will soon be certified as carbon neutral and with the growth rate they are experiencing, things will get better for them.

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