Bruno Fagali Offers Fine Legal Services

Bruno Fagali has been practicing the law in Brazil for some time, and he provides legal services that are needed by individuals and companies. He works in the areas of business ethics and compliance, and this article explains how he helps clients every year with their legal needs. There are quite a few people who trust Bruno Fagali, and he gives them the representation they need.

#1: Compliance

Bruno Fagali is a compliance expert who has spent quite a long time in the industry ensuring he may serve his clients properly. He checks the business world for compliance issues, and he helps his clients ensure they are on the right side of the law. He knows all the rules that have been created for a number of industries, and he will sit in with executive boards to ensure they know what they must do to behave properly.

#2: Ethics Law Concerns

The ethics law concerns that are brought before Bruno often concern things that may be explained away. Bruno understands how to help his clients avoid any real damage to their credibility, and he often investigates claims to find they are false. Bruno helps companies make proper ethical choices for their staff, and he has been asked to help file ethics claims against others. Bruno is willing to work on both sides of the courtroom, and he has many clients who trust him quite a lot with this work.

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Bruno Fagali is one of the finest lawyers in Brazil, and he believes that anyone may have better representation when visiting his office. He will sit in with companies that need advice, and he will show a company a better way to make ethical choices. Bruno Fagali serves private clients where needed, and he covers the whole of Brazil when legal services are needed.



Luciana Lossio’s Unique and Innovative Leadership in Brazil

Luciana Lossio is a successful attorney and a Minister Equestrian Champion. She graduated from the University of Brasilia when he passed the Bar in 1999. 1999 was also the same year that Brazil established its own Bar Association. Lossio’s specialty is Electoral Law and she is currently serving as the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court and is a member of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law (IBRADE) . In addition, Lossio has a total of three graduate degrees in Law, Civil Procedure and Legal Order and Prosecution.

In her career as an attorney, Lossio has included executive senior members and governors as her clientele. She has also the first woman to earn a seat as the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) Minister. She is also the first female attorney elected as Substitute Minister of Superior Electoral Court in 2011. She served alongside the Attorney General, along with two other prosecutors for seven years. During that time, she advised on important processes with the TSE.

In her spare time, she can usually be seen pursuing her hobby of equestrianism, for which she has had a passion since the age of six. Aside from winning the Minister Equestrian championship, she has also won the title of Brazilian Champion Amateur Jump through the Society of Hipica Brasilia. This is a very significant statement of her talent as an equestrian because she won the title atop a total of 40 other riders and clearing the route very cleanly with 1.20 meter jumps.

Lossio appears to have a very bright future ahead of her. It has even been said that she could be a key in strengthening the Brazilian Law Institutions. When she was sworn into the TSE, her colleagues predicted that she would have just the strength to combat longtime abuses in the voter harvests. When she was elected into the TSE in 2011, she presented oral arguments on behalf of the governor at the time and two governor affiliates.

Since she appears to still have a lengthy future ahead of her, who knows what she will do next?

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