The Wonderful Role Played By The American Institute Of Architect In The Construction Industry

The AIA which is the acronym for American Institute of Architects is an association for all the architects in the USA. The body is committed to providing education, public outreach, and community redevelopment to promote architecture as a career, government advocacy and to enhance the public image.

American Institute of Architects has partnered with the construction group and other design members to assist it in managing the building industry. Its headquarters is located in Washington D.C. America Institute of Architects got established in the year 1857 in New York City through a team of thirteen architects with a mission to develop the practical and the scientific excellence of its affiliates and also to raise the standards of the field of profession.

Currently, the body has over ninety thousand approved architects and associated professionals as its members. Each member abides by professional conducts and the ethics to guarantee the public, customers, and other architects that the body is committed to high standards of the expert. The agency has typically five membership levels. These levels are the associate members, architect members, allied members, international associate members and the emeritus members.

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In the architect membership, the members are approved by the licensing authority of the United States to exercise architecture. In the associate membership, members are not authorized to practice architecture independently. They must work under the supervision of an approved architect, who has several professional degrees in architecture or a college official in a university architectural program. The international associate members are licensed to practice architecture internationally. In the allied membership, it accommodates people who have careers related to design and building. Such people include the landscape architects, engineers, research films and product manufacturers. AIA work together with the government in practices that influence the quality and the profession of the American life. AIA oversees and controls the legislative actions of the government by using its membership power to be involved in making decisions that involve policymakers and the state.

Currently, the chief executive officer and the vice president of AIA is Robert Ivy. Under his leadership, AIA has transformed to serve the architectures in a better way. Robert is currently positioning AIA to be a responsible, proactive and influential organization. One of his primary goals is to improve the public awareness on the importance of architects. Some of Robert’s achievements in the body are developing a new digital-first technology infrastructure, establishing public awareness campaigns on the importance of architects. Currently, Robert is focusing on changing the resources of AIA to prepare the architectures solves the current building problems.