Stem Cell Therapy: The New Frontier for Disease Treatment

One of the greatest challenges in the field of medicine is finding effective treatments and therapies for the thousands of medical conditions afflicting millions of patients in the world. Over the years, research has focused on the plasticity of the human stem cells to create regenerative therapies for treatment of diseases affecting various organs including the lungs. Stem cell therapy uses the self-renewal capability or plasticity of stem cells to regenerate damaged organs. In the case of lung diseases, the patient’s autologous stem cells are harvested by drawing blood or bone marrow then separating the required cells from the rest of the body cells through differentiation. They are then concentrated and injected into the bloodstream of the patient to begin the process of regeneration. The process has a huge potential of successfully healing the damaged organs but such success is hinged on identifying reputable organizations such as the Lung Institute ( to offer advice and treatment.

The Lung Institute: A Scion of Regenerative Treatment Using Stem Cells

With over 3,000 patients treated, Lung Institute has established a reputation as an industry leader when it comes to provision of regenerative treatment using stem cells. The company is dedicated to combining stem cell therapy with regenerative treatments to help patients suffering from various chronic medical conditions including interstitial lung disease, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The organization also treats pulmonary fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Lung Institute prides itself of being among the few organizations specializing in using stem cell therapy for lung conditions. The Cedars-Sinai based medical organization has five outlets spread in Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona.

Convinced on the revolutionary nature of stem cell treatment technology, Lung Institute has also dedicated to creating awareness on this treatment method. Over 80 percent of the stem cell therapy given by the organization for COPD patients have been successful while numerous patients have provided positive testimonials of their services. The company has participated in various congresses and seminars aimed information dissemination on the technology. One such event is the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research in Italy where it sent a representative. The organization also organizes several events including seminars across various states to create awareness of their services. For more info, visit

The Lung Institute Has Created a Treatment Which Perfectly Matches a Patient’s Body

Chronic lung conditions are far more common than many people realize. It’s easy to notice when someone’s eyes are failing when they need to squint at labels. The same goes for badly healed injuries in joints which can leave someone with a limp. But people don’t pay a lot of attention to breathing, whether it’s their breathing or that of the people around them. But all that can change in an instant. Damage to someone’s lungs can come from a variety of causes. Sometimes it’s injury and other times it might be due to illness. But whatever the cause, there’s one realization that most people end up facing. The lung condition came on fast, but the search for an effective treatment can be painfully slow. The more one looks into it the more apparent it becomes that there’s a huge number of people out there suffering in silence.

Thankfully, modern medicine now offers a ray of hope to people who’ve been enduring chronic lung conditions. One organization in particular has made an especially noteworthy leap forward, says the The Lung Institute decided to look at the problem in a different way. People usually think of another person’s lungs from an outside perspective. Dealing with their lungs involves invasive measures to gain access to the organ. The Lung Institute framed the problem in a very different way. They looked at lung conditions from the perspective of a complex biological system that’s continually trying to heal itself. Instead of pushing in outside factors to force the lungs to change, they devised a way of offering some help to the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

In fact, the Lung Institute’s stem cell therapy is centered on using the patient’s own body to heal itself. The stem cells used to treat someone will come from a blood or bone marrow sample. This instantly takes care of any potential issues with rejection. It also ensures that the treatments will be working in tune with a patient’s unique biology. Once the medicine is given to the patient the stem cells will get to work. They collect in the lungs and will essentially jumpstart the natural repair and defense system. It’s a fairly new method of treating chronic lung conditions. But the results seen by the Lung Institute speak for themselves. The Lung Institute’s stem cell therapy showcases a bright future where people who’ve been suffering with chronic lung conditions for years can finally find hope and help.

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