Philip Diehl, the U.S. Money Reserve and Exemplary Customer Service

Philip Diehl in the past served as the United States’ Mint Director. At the moment, he is the  US Money Reserve President. He answered questions for an interview with Enterprise Radio on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network.

Diehl’s interviewer was Eric Dye, the program’s host. The goal behind Enterprise Radio is to help prominent executives, small business owners and dedicated entrepreneurs who want to tell the world all about their newest offerings.

Examples of these kinds of offerings can include techniques, anecdotes from “real life,” services, products and inventions.

Diehl talked about an abundance of different subjects during the Q&A session. He talked about how he became a leader in his career. He talked about the gold market and the direction he thinks it’s going to take. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Many people consider Diehl to be among the best United States Mint Directors of all time. He was the individual behind achievements such as the 50 States Quarter Program, for example. He was also behind the development of the platinum coin.

When Diehl was on Enterprise Radio, he remembered how the U.S. Mint changed while he was working there. He said that the agency initially was quite a confused organization. He also said that he (along with the help of some other key individuals) worked to transform it in a big way.

The U.S. Mint with a little time and hard work became a genuine entrepreneurial entity. The agency worked hard to strengthen its customer service policies. It worked hard to achieve better customer satisfaction as well.

Since Diehl at the moment is the U.S. Money Reserve’s president, it’s no surprise that he’s happily adopted the entrepreneurial concepts that worked so well for him at the U.S. Mint. Learn more about US Money Reserve: Why Buy Gold and Buy Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

He also remains 100 percent loyal to customer service and customer satisfaction. The U.S. Money Reserve is among the nation’s biggest coin, bar and bullion distributors.

The U.S. Money Reserve was established in 2001. It was created by a group of seasoned gold market gurus. The staff at the U.S. Money Reserve is made up of more than 100 capable and competent team members.

Examples of these team members are business support, inventory, sales verification, numismatic, shipping, compliance and coin research aficionados.

Luciana Lossio’s Unique and Innovative Leadership in Brazil

Luciana Lossio is a successful attorney and a Minister Equestrian Champion. She graduated from the University of Brasilia when he passed the Bar in 1999. 1999 was also the same year that Brazil established its own Bar Association. Lossio’s specialty is Electoral Law and she is currently serving as the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court and is a member of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law (IBRADE) . In addition, Lossio has a total of three graduate degrees in Law, Civil Procedure and Legal Order and Prosecution.

In her career as an attorney, Lossio has included executive senior members and governors as her clientele. She has also the first woman to earn a seat as the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) Minister. She is also the first female attorney elected as Substitute Minister of Superior Electoral Court in 2011. She served alongside the Attorney General, along with two other prosecutors for seven years. During that time, she advised on important processes with the TSE.

In her spare time, she can usually be seen pursuing her hobby of equestrianism, for which she has had a passion since the age of six. Aside from winning the Minister Equestrian championship, she has also won the title of Brazilian Champion Amateur Jump through the Society of Hipica Brasilia. This is a very significant statement of her talent as an equestrian because she won the title atop a total of 40 other riders and clearing the route very cleanly with 1.20 meter jumps.

Lossio appears to have a very bright future ahead of her. It has even been said that she could be a key in strengthening the Brazilian Law Institutions. When she was sworn into the TSE, her colleagues predicted that she would have just the strength to combat longtime abuses in the voter harvests. When she was elected into the TSE in 2011, she presented oral arguments on behalf of the governor at the time and two governor affiliates.

Since she appears to still have a lengthy future ahead of her, who knows what she will do next?

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Brian Bonar Is Who’s Who® Inductee In Finance Industry

Staffing solutions executive, Brian Bonar, was honored as the Executive of the Year by prominent Cambridge Who’s Who® organization, for excellence and achievement in the Finance industry. The Delrada Financial Services CEO was one of only two men chosen to represent the Finance field.

The organization has bestowed one its highest honored awards on Bonar recognizing his commendable performance and contributions as chairman and CEO of the national staffing company.

“With a proven track record of excellence, Brian Bonar is well deserving of this recognition,” said one associate. Since the organization was founded in 1975, the Cambridge Who’s Who® registry has grown to become one the most recognized and premier listings in the country.

Under Bonar’s leadership as CEO, Dalrada has expanded its footprint becoming a major competitor for staffing solutions and moving forward into new industry sectors.

Under his stewardship, Bonar has not only provided outstanding service, but successfully helped clients strengthen their infrastructure and expand their business on a daily basis.” Bonar has spent his entire career liasioning, analyzing and proposing solutions, having landed his first job as a procurement manager at IBM.

After IBM, Bonar continued to climb the ladder at QMS, Adaptec, and Amanda, before being recruited by Dalrada Financial Services. For years, Bonar has effortlessly handled overlapping responsibilities at Dalrada and Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. Today, he is the Chairman and CEO at two companies.

Brian Bonar brings transformation to his clients, and partnering with these organizations has helped them realize sustained growth,” said one associate. Certainly, one of Bonar’s foundational leadership elements has been the core set of values he implemented early on in his tenure.

Bonar’s values, which focus on ethics, putting the customer first, and mutual respect and merit have guided his success. “I’m honored and fortunate to have this long career in the finance industry which touches so many people’s lives on a daily basis,” says Bonar. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and Brian Bonar –

As a decades-old veteran of the finance industry, Brian Bonar was a clear choice as Executive of the Year. The judges were extremely impressed with Bonar’s accomplishments.

About Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc

Allegiant is a staffing solutions firm that provides the right people in the right positions for any enterprise – Learn more about Brian Bonar: and As companies become more heavily dependent on temporary and contract employees, Allegiant partners to offer a number of skilled and highly educated workers to boost productive work, and diminish inefficiency.

What to Know Before Investing in Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is a former Brazilian investment banker who worked for some of the most prominent banks in the country. Currently, he’s involved with Bainbridge Group, a firm which assists small to mid-sized companies with financing, and Igor Cornelsen also provides advice related to business structure and plans as well as employee policies and procedures.

These actually differ based on types of transactions performed. When it comes to repatriation of funds from Brazil, investors like Igor Cornelsen need to be well aware of what they can do and at which exchange rate.

There’s indeed a lot of red tape. Navigating Brazilian bureaucracy can be confusing and complex. But, those looking to do business in this large market need to adjust. A good way to do it is by connecting with the local entrepreneurs as they can assist with various aspects of doing business in this Latin American country. More at

The partners need, of course, be reliable. Therefore, it may take some time and effort, as well as plenty of background checking, to team up with right people to do business in Brazil. 

The Release of Madison Street Capital’s Fourth Edition of the Hedge Fund M&A Overview.

Madison Street Capital, which is one of the top global investment banking companies in the financial services sector launched the 4th publication of its hedge fund business M&A summary. The overview consists of transactions that were carried out and M&A openings. According to reports from the company, forty-two hedge fund arrangements were either announced globally or sealed in 2015, which is more than the thirty-two deals that were made in 2014. There was also an increase in the number of business transactions by 27 percent in 2015 than in 2014. 2016 is likely to have a good record regarding hedge fund M&A deals, and various factors determine this including the risen number of transactions made in 2015’s fourth quarter.

The summary of Madison Street Capital’s report states that despite an average result from many hedge fund plans in 2015, the assets in the hedge fund sector are higher than they have ever been. Many institutional shareholders have kept making more investments in the alternative wealth management industry and have high hopes of making the expected profits for them to be at par with the growing liabilities. This happens even though there is a low hedge fund performance. Administrators of small hedge funds are running their activities below the ideal portfolio ability level since they are under pressure to attract new capital. In general, managers currently encounter rising costs of operating and a descending pressure on fees. The managers of hedge funds are made to consider tactical options by these factors.

According to Madison Street Capital LLC’s Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha, the hedge fund sector’s transactions atmosphere was robust in 2015 and is likely to be better in 2016. Different types of transaction mechanisms are being used to adapt both buyers and sellers and apart from the typical M&A, deals are being organized as revenue-share stakes, incubator deals, PE bolt-ons. PE stakes and much more. The divide hedge fund sector will keep on experiencing solidification in particular opportunistic affiliations that overpass supply to product contribution. More information about the overview can be found on a similar article on the

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company, which is devoted to excellence, integrity, service and leadership in offering merger and acquisition skills, financial opinions, financial advice for businesses, and estimation services to privately and publicly owned companies. The firm’s services help its clients to be successful in the international market. Madison Street Capital considers the developing markets as the primary factor that powers global progress of its customers and keeps on emphasizing on markets. The company delivers high-quality services, and this has helped in earning the trust of clients. Madison Street Capital has branches in Africa, Asia, and North America.

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Darius Fisher Gives Advice on Keeping Personal Information Private

Reputations are so important, any bad word could hurt business or personal life. However, even the best business or person will have haters. One of the worst things that can happen is has having personal information disclosed to those people who seem to have a vendetta against you. Sally Kohn from Daily Beast knows exactly how it feels to be at the mercy of her haters. In her article, “I Got Doxxed So You Don’t Have To,” she discusses how to avoid the same problems she had. A great interview with Status Labs president and co-founder, Darius Fisher, reveals several things to think about with safety of personal information online.

The No.1 thing to do when dealing with online privacy is to get personal information removed from online databases, which make a profit off your identity. Sites such as Spokeo have information about you that could easily be obtained for anyone willing to pay. Opting out of the many sites will erase your private information, but it has to be done often. Other no-brainers for privacy include checking social media privacy settings and changing passwords often. Googling yourself can let you know what kind of information is online about you.

Status Labs is based out of Austin, Texas with other offices in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The premier online reputation management company has helped clients from big-time Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. They have clients around the world that rely on their expertise in digital marketing and reputation repair. Started in 2012, Status Labs has grown greatly to include more expert staff and retain more clients. As co-founder, Darius Fisher has been with the company since its inception. He was recently named as one of PR Weeks’ Innovation 50 for his work with Status Labs. As an expert in marketing, Fisher has been a speaker at marketing conventions as well as granting interviews and writing pieces giving advice on reputations and business. He is helping Status Labs continue to grow.

Follow Status Labs on Instagram @statuslabs to keep up with their news.


Helane Morrison: Importance of The Compliance Office

To many, the role of a compliance officer is a mystery. If I was to go around asking people who a compliance officer is and what it is that he or she does, I wouldn’t be surprised to receive blank stares. The reason for this is that until recently, the role of a compliance officer was non-existent. The need to comply in order to avoid punitive action from the enforcement community led to the creation of the compliance office. According to Roy Snell, the CEO of Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics, a compliance officer utilizes tools such as risk assessments, audits, education and investigation to enforce a compliance program to deal with regulatory and ethical issues. Compliance officers are there generally to make sure that the company does not face punitive action due to non-compliance. They are usually people with prior experience in areas such as law and accounting. It is perhaps prudent that I mention one remarkable woman whose individual actions and achievements best portray the need for a compliance officer, Helane Morrison.
Helane Morrison was born in Brooklyn New York. She attended the Northwestern University where she received her bachelors degree in journalism and later Juris Doctor in 1984 from the University of California, Berkeley. She began her law career the same year (1984) as a law clerk for Richard A. Posner and later served in the same capacity in 1985 for Harry Blackmum. Helane has served in several other positions in other firms until 1996 when she joined SEC as the head of regional enforcement activities for the San Francisco District Office and was later promoted to head of the office as district administrator then regional director.

Others included violations by investment advisers and brokers and cases of insider trading. Helane joined Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007 in the capacity of general counsel, managing director as well as chief compliance officer. Ringing true to the words of Cathy Mackenzie, vice president and general counsel for Island View Casino Resort, the compliance office is a rapidly growing career path with the best opportunity for advancement. Fancy a challenging job with increasing responsibility? Do you have what it takes to solve day-to-day compliance problems? Perhaps it is time to consider a career switch to compliance.

The Impressive Career of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is the current Managing Director, General Counsel, and the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners since year 2007. She also participates in the organization’s executive committee. Born 46 years ago Ms. Morrison has been always to succeed throughout her life. She studied in the Northwestern University and awarded a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism and later attained a J.D from University of California at Berkeley school of law.
Helane was the head of U.S securities and exchange commission in San Francisco office for several years. She got various promotions from District Commissioner to the Regional Director. She practiced law for ten years in San Francisco, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin. Her priorities were focused on business litigation and defense of private securities actions and the SEC matters. Helane has portrayed and has maintained a high standard integrity and reputation in and out of her work.

She is a perfectionist in her unique way of doing what she loves. Since her earlier days in school as the Editor-in-Chief of the California Law Reviews, services provisions in the government. Ms. Morrison has worked tirelessly to the serve her community to the she can, defending brokers, clients and brokerage firms from the SEC. She is on the vision to install and restore the glory of her firm through spearing on following the rules and mentoring people acquire the norms of integrity and values.

The global economic crisis and the collapse of banks, stocks and financial institutions in 2007-2008 exposed the mess and unethical conduct businesses. People have for a long time lost their faith with very many financial organizations, and the big question remains unanswered, will the next government end the crisis?
Morrison on board, her bravery, sharp mind, assertiveness and strong values, I strongly believe that quality and the face of the country financial sector will be changing to the very best. People’s faith in all range of finance organization will be restored and no queries on trust issues than ever before.

Philip Diehl’s Success at the US Money Reserve

Philip Diehl, who is considered as the most successful U.S Mint Directors in history, appeared on Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio hosted by Eric Dye. The show mostly hosts executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners to share their success story, products, experience and strategies.

During the interview, Philip who is the president of the U.S Money reserve talked about his leadership background and the success he has brought at the U.S money reserve through stronger customer service and the future of the gold market.

During his tenure at the U.S mint, Philip is credited for transforming the agency from a pretty backward agency to a real entrepreneurial agency. He made a six-year commitment of improving customer service that eventually saw the firm match the very best American business in customer satisfaction. He later own left the U.S mint to join the U.S money reserve.

At the U.S money reserve, Philip has employed similar strategies and entrepreneurial skills of commitment to customer satisfaction to make the U.S money reserve the most successful and largest distributor of U.S government issued metal bullions, bars and coins. The money reserve has began a program where customers can hold government issued gold coins as a protection against retirement and benefit from any rise in gold prices.

Customers are urged to purchase more government issued gold, silver and platinum coins since they are legal tenders guaranteed by the U.S government. The coins are precious and their value is expected to rise because of the volatility of the economy and with this the customers are guaranteed of huge returns from them. Once you hold the gold coins then you are guaranteed of their gold content, weight and purity.

Established in 2001, the U.S money reserve has grown and established itself as the largest and most successful distributor of U.S government issued coins.

The success of the firm can be attributed to its continued commitment toward efficient customer service and offering the best valued gold coins to its customers. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The firm has got the most trusted professionals who have helped their customers make the right decisions over the purchase of gold, silver and platinum coins over the years. The excellent customer service has earned the firm its customers trusts helping the firm grow in its ratings and stability.

Philip has been in the forefront in the calls for the elimination of the penny. This is because first the penny costs more than its worth. Apparently, a penny costs 1.8 cents to produce costing the U.S mint tens of millions of dollars each year.

The article on the interview by Philip Diehl can be found on CB19.

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Hire Professional Writers to Make Wikipedia Content Useful


Wikipedia is home to a tremendous amount of information. For those interested in highly detailed academic material, Wikipedia provides a good starting point to learn more. The various entries include footnotes allowing the reader to check out other articles or essays. 

Wikipedia, already great, is about to get even greater thanks to the help of the University of Sydney. The has arrived for change. Students simply aren’t motivated by producing boring essays or taking tests. Wikipedia provides an excellent opportunity for a new dimension to academic grading. Wikipedia is going to be home to student-produced content, Wikipedia edits, and research. Wikipedia now has a new use and many will benefit.

Not every realizes just how useful Wikipedia can be. Even those who are in business and constantly look for ways to promote their wares overlook the huge benefits associated with Wikipedia. Anyone who assumes the community doesn’t help with business marketing just needs to look at the huge volume of businesses doing extremely well when they create a Wikipedia page.

There are interesting ways in which Wikipedia content can be promoted. A link to a solid page on Wikipedia could be posted on any number of social media sites. The entry could end up going viral raising even more awareness about the business the page discusses. Blog writing, creating video content, and article marketing are strategies businesses employ. There is nothing wrong with these approaches. Neither is there anything wrong with expanding on them. Creating a Wikipedia page helps with the expansion quite effectively, more effectively than some might believe, but not everyone is equipped with all the necessary skills and know-how, which is why it can be best to hire a Wikipedia editor to do the work for you if you are in doubt.

Get Your Wiki is able to help those interested in this approach to marketing access it. The top Wikipedia writing company is capable of delivering content that meets Wikipedia’s requirements and also casts a business in its best biographical light. The content has to be fleshed out and interesting to the reader. Those without experience might create something just a little to bland for anyone to care about. Obviously, that won’t be a help when hoping to promote the entry on social media.

Keep these thoughts in mind when looking over the services offered by Get Your Wiki. Hiring Wikipedia editors could end up in getting a delivery of truly outstanding work for clients. Anything less may not help a marketing campaign.

Marketing is about getting a positive reaction from those who peruse the material. Wikipedia business page creation may not be a 30 second radio spot, but the entry seeks to evoke the same reaction from people reading it.