How to Get Your Cut of Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are a tax free investment opportunity that is not run by the government. While the program is not directly run by the government, it is regulated through certain federal law, more specifically Statue 26-F. The law allows for energy companies and related business to thank their inventors by sending out generous dividends. So what qualifies you for this opportunity and what are the guidelines?

First of all, in order to receive a freedom check, you must make a commitment as an investor to the energy company you have just bought stocks from. You must continually invest in the the company. Freedom checks are not a get rich quick scheme. They require substantial amounts of investments and must meet very specific regulations. One of these regulations on the company’s end is that 90% of that check should come from transportation, storage, production or processing of oil and/or gas in the united States, the second regulation is that companies must send out these checks once a year. So how do you get yours?

Right now there are $34.6 billion in freedom checks and in order to get your cut, you must invest in what is known as a Master Limited Partnership, or MLP. MLPs function in the role of a publicly traded partnership. Which basically means you can enjoy the high liquidity of publicly traded company, while also obtaining the tax related advantages of a partnership. MLP’s are not a recent thing. They have been around for years and there are basically two different types. One involves limited partners hwo purchase MLP shares and provide initial capital, and the MLPs that are bought by the public. In order to get your cut of a freedom check, you have be part of the public who’s buying them.

Expert market analyzer and geology professor Matt Badiali says that the key to making a smart investment in an energy company that will pay out freedom checks is to do your own research about MLPs and decide which one you want to invest in, and how much capital you’re willing to invest.

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Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group

Since the formation of Fortress Investment Group in the year 1998, the firm which first began operations as a private equity firm has been a trendsetter in its rights. This can be confirmed by its 2007 IPO when it made a mark as the first private equity firm to go public on the NYSE. Currently, the firm stands as a diversified worldwide investment management firm that deals with more than 43 billion dollars of assets for over 1,750 investors. The assets are in the form of permanent capital vehicles, private equity, hedge funds including others. The Fortress Investment group has its headquarters in New York and has over 900 employees. The firm has three principals who include Randal Nardone who is based in New York, Wes Edens and Peter Briger who is based in San Francisco. Originally, Fortress was founded by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and a retired principal known as Rob Kauffman. It is as after Kauffman retired that Peter Briger joined as a principal.

Bridge beside being a principal is also the chairman of the Fortress Investment Group board of directors. He has been in the board as a member since the November of 2006 wherein 2009 was elected the co-chairman of the Group’s commission. He has also been a member of the management committee at the company since the year 2002. Currently, he is the head of the Credit and Real Estate business at Fortress Investment Group. Before joining the group in the year 2002, Peter Briger had already spent around 15 years at Goldman, Sachs & Co were in 1996 became a partner. He is also on the board of Tipping Point which is a non-profit organization that serves low income earning families in the area of San Francisco. Bridger is also a board member at Caliber Schools which is a network of charter schools that ensure that it students are well prepared to be successful in the four competitive years that awaits them in college and beyond that. Peter Briger has a B.A degree from Princeton University. He also holds an M.B.A from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School Of Business.

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Chris Burch, an entrepreneur with a strong personality

Chris Burch is without a doubt the most diverse and innovative entrepreneur of our age. For more than forty years, he has proved this statement correct. Entrepreneurs have one major challenge: staying creative and relevant to their ventures. However, for Chris Burch, this has been his daily cup of tea. Burch Creative Capital has been able to work with multiple industries with different markets. Through the leadership of Chris Burch, the investment company has been instrumental in the reintroduction of companies and brands in the hospitality industry, entertainment and lifestyle brands. His partnership with different brands such as ED, which was an exceptional partnership with Ellen DeGeneres is probably one of the most well documented recent collaboration.

The idea of Burch Creative Capital was a product of his personal experience in the business world. As a young person, Burch was intrigued by the concept of value addition and how this idea can be instrumental in changing entrepreneurs’ lives. The idea of creating a haven for great entrepreneurs has been part of his journey since he was a young adult. He is a believer of ideas’ ability in changing the world. For these life-changing ideas to be of great help, Chris Burch is a believer of working together as teams, reference (

The reason why Chris Burch has been able to be one of the best personalities in the ever-changing entrepreneurial world is his strong personality. According to him, the best way to read trends is by paying close attention to people. This capability has enabled him to understand people and get bottom of each one’s ability. Having an intimate understanding of people according to him has always given him the ability to listen. Listening comes with the ability to understand the complex mind and desire of consumers. This ability according to him is the greatest gift of any entrepreneur.

The life of Chris Burch sounds like a perfect life without regrets, failures, and disappointments. However, he disagrees with this notion. Just like any entrepreneur or an innovator, Chris Burch has had his share of the sad side of entrepreneurship. However, according to him, these moments presents him with a chance to take a break and reflect on different factors. Another aspect of dealing with regrets, failures, and disappointments according to him is always taking the responsibility. According to many young and seasoned entrepreneurs, this concept of owing failures and taking responsibilities might be foreign concept, as posted on

Apart from getting inspired by multiple opportunities, he gets inspirations from partners, and Ellen DeGeneres is one of them. Chris Burch believes the world can learn so much from Ellen is the level of interactions she initiates with potential clients and her ability to capitalize on the opportunities, check

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What Made Shirazi Boghani A Successful Entrepreneur?

Shirazi Boghani is known in the field of hospitality because of the success he has achieved so far. He has shaped the industry and even awarded the Asian Business Award for being outstanding in his work. He got the award as the best in the industry. He has also inspired the success of many hotels in London and continues to excel in the business.

His dedication led to the construction of several private hotels in London. He is the founder of Splendid Hospitality Group which has been successful. He has provided the best leadership in the company, and that is why it has been able to manage several things in London and various parts of the world. He serves as the chairman of the group, and that is why has benefitted from the great insights he has in the business. Why has Shirazi Boghani been successful in the business? Shiraz has been operating in the sector for more than 30 years hence he has the experience to run business. He uses the knowledge he has in the industry to ensure. Splendid performs well.

Shiraz Boghani is not only known in the business management, but he is also recognized for his philanthropic endeavors. Through his charity work, he has helped many people in society to stand firm and change their lives. Shiraz Boghani has contributed money to organizations like the Aga Khan Foundation which is an organization established to support those who need help. Through his support, he has been able to help those vulnerable in the society. Many have benefitted from healthcare and other assistance. His contribution to the organization has improved how the organization operates, and It has expanded its operation to reach many in society.

Shiraz Boghani began Sussex healthcare Group which offers home care services to those who need it. The institution began in the 1980s, and it is still successfully running. The organization has developed home care services in the community, and many have changed their lives for the better. Shiraz Boghani is dedicated and through his hard work, he can transform the society, and many appreciate him for his dedication. His contributions to society have shaped the lives of many.

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OSI Group is the world leading food provider services and retail brand provision. OSI Group has a well-established infrastructure and financial capacity making it the most prestigious private firm. The OSI Group offers extensive services in the development, production, and distribution of food solutions across the globe. In 2016, it was awarded by the British safety council for excellent management of environmental risks a prestigious honor award. They were awarded at the luncheon hall city in London. The OSI Group firmly believes that its employees’ potentiality enhances her prosperity. OSI Group has various employees that have established her in the market. Such employees include the sanitation group leader responsible for aiding the supervisor and other workmates production tasks. The labor operations, general utility machine. General labor packing, traffic assistant supervisor, supervisor assistant, maintenance mechanic officers among others.

The Group customers are increasing day by day that recently they increased the supply of chicken products to respond to their client needs. The demand for chicken rose by about 6% in the previous decades, and for the past three years, the demand rose by 8%, and the demand was expected to escalate more. The group attained Baho Food from the Dutch industrialists. OSI Group president Davis McDonald explained that adding Baho Food to themselves gives them a great sense of markets in Europe. As such, they are evolving and spreading across Europe strategically hence meeting their clients’ aspirations. Baho Food has five affiliate companies in Netherlands and Germany. Baho companies will aid them to reach greater markets in the eighteen European nations. Moreover, OSI Group bought the two thousand square foot Tyson Foods in Chicago aimed at providing infrastructure for their business expansion. Tyson Foods spokesperson announced in 2015 of its closer and amalgamating with OSI Group. Besides, OSI Group has acquired flagship in Europe hence they will have the mandate of supplying frozen poultry; sous vide products and clothing to Britain food market. As such, OSI Group will have an influential presence in Europe. OSI Group is among the top companies in the USA because of her high standards and best supplies and the capability to integrate innovation and creativity in their products.

How The OSI Group Became a Huge Food Provider

Many people know well that the OSI Group was just a simple butcher shop during the 20th century. But nowadays, it because of one of the biggest food providers in the whole world. This company has provided over 20,000 employees at 65 various facilities around in 17 countries around the whole world. This is a huge corporation already, but little do others know that it had a very simple beginning

Its Simple Beginnings And Dedication to Food

It all happened in the 20th century when Otto Kolschowsky lived in Chicago as part of the German immigrants in the country. 1/4th of the population in Chicago was actually filled with Germans. That’s why these immigrants decided to build farms in the thriving city. As a result, Chicago became the center for butchers, wheat dealers and every type of farm tool and equipment.

This is where Kolschowsky opened a retail meat shop and butchery to help distribute meat for the immigrant community. This is where he showed his talents, which expanded into a wholesale provider of food products after 10 years. It even expanded throughout Chicago over the next decade to the point where it became Otto & Sons in 1928 when Kolschowsky started a family who will run the business.

The Start of Its Everlasting Growth

Otto & Sons became a stable business despite the events that transpired in World Wars I and II. It’s a company that starts to invests by building partnerships with other food providers such as the fast-food giant McDonalds when it started its beginnings during the 1950s. This grew the company even further as it became a global corporation called OSI Group. This just made McDonalds famous due to the quality of burgers that Otto & Sons once provided. This corporation was also built to ensure that affordable and consumer-driven food products will gain popularity.

The development of their business procedures even improved over time as flash freezing helped them develop better fast-food to customers through the means of McDonald’s – guaranteeing a stronger relationship between the two companies. The supply chain of the OSI Group became stronger as many consumers started to recognize McDonald’s – which were the first milestones of its ever-growing fame as a fast-food restaurant. Both reached global heights to the point where it aims to provide even more solutions to improve food safety and quality for many restaurants and food retailers around many parts of the world.

How Is It Expanding Until Now?

Nowadays, it’s building stronger ties in the food industry, particularly in Australia as OSI Group Australia merged with the Turi Foods to build the Turosi Pty Ltd. This company is based in Australia and is now providing world-class food products for many restaurants and supermarkets around the world. It is said that this will become the biggest provider of quick-service restaurants and meat retailers soon.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Leads Transformation Of Real Estate Sector In Brazil

JHSF is the leading real estate company in Brazil. It has the biggest projects in the country. No other company in the country can even come close to the projects that have been carried out by JHSF. It has kept a clear difference between them and others. First of all, they deal with high-end buildings. This means that most of their developments works will cost up to billions. They build commercial residential property. Some of the facilities they have developed include hotels and restaurants, business airports, shopping complexes among many others. JHSF also launched entry into the retail sector in 2009. They have partnered with the luxury brands in the world to open up stores in the malls.

JHSF has most of its activities centered in big cities. They have mainly invested in Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manus. In each of these cities, they have landmark buildings. They have also moved to other countries where they also have some remarkable achievements. JHSF has projects in Miami and Uruguay. They plan on having landmark building in the big cities in different cities, especially in South America.

JHSF has managed to make these accomplishments due to the leadership of the company. The leadership has been consistent with its growth plan. Led by CEO Jose Auriemo Neto, they have ensured that the company is doing everything right so that they can maintain the top position in the real estate sector. Jose Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in the 1990s as he was the son of one of the founders. His first innovation in the industry was the creation of a parking lot management company which was known as parkbem.

In the early 2000s, Jose Auriemo was given the rights to develop first mall in Brazil which is known as Cidade Jardim. Since then, Jose Auriemo Neto has been working diligently taking the operations of this company to various locations locally and internationally.

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Tony Petrello in philanthropy with his wife, Cynthia

Although Tony Petrello has been raised for the role he has played in the development of Nabors industries, it is the commitment that has shown toward philanthropy that is bringing the attention of the people closest to him. In the last one decade, he has focused his attention on winning other battles apart from the ones in the business sector where he has already proved to be the best. Petrello is keeping a clean track record as one of the people who has done so much in helping the needy causes in the community. He does not want only to be remembered as the successful CEO of Nabors Industries, but to be remembered for the number of lives he has changed. This is the main reason that he is in philanthropy. He wants to make the industry as exciting as possible. He wants to touch the lives of the people, and this could only be accomplished by helping them solve some of the challenges that they face. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation.

In his philanthropic journey, Tony Petrello has been giving generously to causes that he believe will bear fruits and assist people who are currently struggling. Tony Petrello has given $5 million as a donation to a medical facility located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. This facility is known as Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center. This is a facility that is researching the causes and treatment of neurological disorders in children. With this facility, he is committed to seeing it realize the goals it has set of helping children who suffer from neurological disorders.

Tony Petrello has been in this philanthropy mission together with his wife named Cynthia. Together, they want to see facility succeed because its success will have a personal effect on them. To ensure that the facility accomplishes its mission, they have promised to add another $2 million to the facility. On top of the personal donations they are making, they are co-chairs of the fundraising committee of the facility. The committee has managed to raise $500 million, which has gone to the advancement of this facility. The Petrellos hope to see the facility offer world-class service to its clients.

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Paul Mampilly- Prominent investment guru

Paul Mampilly is one of the people in the financial sector who is ready to work with the ordinary Americans and assist them in making money through investments in the financial markets. Mampilly who has been in the financial sector as an expert for the last 25 years has huge knowledge and experience on how to make the right investment decisions. He is one of the people who are ready to work for the majority of the investors instead of just staying in Wall Street and work for a few billionaires who continues to make more and more money every year out of the knowledge of experts like Paul Mampilly. Follow Paul on

Paul Mampilly started his career in the banking sector working for Bankers Trust. His position was to deal with investment. He was placed in the position of an assistant portfolio manager in the company. His appointment came after he graduated with an MBA from Fordham University. From a young age, he was influenced by his father to invest in the financial sector after seeing him make so much money when he loaned money to the government which in return would pay him 30% return for the next 30 years. Paul sop this as one of the best ways of earning money since his father made money for 30 years without working. What he did is that he took advantage of an investment opportunity and it rewarded him very well. Visit to know more.

Paul Mampilly worked with Bankers Trust for a short time. He gained the necessary experience that would take him to the next level in the financial industry which was working for the biggest banking institutions in the world. Among the ones, he worked for include ING and Deutsche Bank. Here, he learned how to manage millions of dollars. His star was however destined for much greatness, he left the banking industry and moved to the Wall Street as a hedge fund manager. Kinetic Asset Management hired him as a hedge fund manager who would manage over $6 billion that was on the table. In the year that he was given this mandate, he increased the investment to $25 billion making the hedge fund the biggest gainer for that year.

Paul Mampilly is now working as an investment adviser through Banyan Hill Publishing. Through his work as a senior editor and author of a number of investment materials including “Profits Unlimited. “ He is impacting the lives of many ordinary Americans who are now making money by following his advice.