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Market America Business is a company based in Greensboro N.C. It employs 650 people. Market America Business was found in 1992 as wholesale distributor affiliated with several companies worldwide. They offer products such as jewelry, hand soap, dish soap, weight loss products, hand creams and other such products.

Originally founded by an Amway distributor. Later on, the company expanded operations around the world. They have operations in Austraila, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philipines and United Kingdom to mention a few. MA Newsstand was created by the merging of Market America and iMirius. This move prompted the company to rename is online personage to

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is One Tough And Determined Person

Research has repeatedly shown that people need to be determined in order to succeed. While it is important to be intelligent, very few things are better than sheer determination. This is very much the case for plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden. As one of only a few plastic surgeons in the entire country, she’s had to rely on her own determination to carve out a career path in her life. Academic excellence has been her hallmark but her success could not have come about without her dedication to the world of hard work. Growing up in Austin, Texas taught her that she could be anything she wanted to be in life. When she decided to become a doctor, she realized that she would need to work hard to be the person she hoped to be. In the years since she left her girlhood behind, she’s shown that she can be tough and tender as well as really good at her job.

Surgery Is Competitive

Dr. Walden’s chosen field of specialization is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery requires many skills. As a plastic surgeon, she needs to really understand the human body. She also needs to know how to hear what her patients have to say. Her decision to enter plastic surgery meant that she had to be really tough. Surgery of any kind is usually dominated by men. In order to make her way as part of this field, she often had to demonstrate to her male peers that she was capable of putting in long hours and capable of mastering complicated surgical procedures that might take many hours to complete to perfection. Working in this field has taught her many things. Perhaps most of all, it has taught her that she was what it takes to be her very best self. His facbook page

Ronald Fowlkes Article

Ronald Fowlkes serves as the current business development manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. He oversees the company’s law enforcement and consumer products and trains over 150 sales representatives on Eagle’s innovative products and its uses. Eagle Industries Unlimited has been the nation’s leading supplier of consumer products and high quality equipment solutions for law enforcement tactical officers for over thirty years. The company develops and manufactures some of the most innovative tactical gear for law enforcement specialist and are proud to be the most trusted provider.


For over thirteen years, Fowlkes served as a law enforcement officer prior to Eagle Industries. He was an officer for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and for the County Police Department in St. Louis, Missouri. During his time at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept., Fowlkes was promoted to serve as their hostage rescue team commander in 2003. He gained his certificate to train individuals in law enforcement on many tactical pursuits such as: defensive tactics, tactical rifle, shooting range drills and S.W.A.T. stylized urban warfare tactics. His team also serve as the force’s Civil Disobedient Team and W.M.D. Response Team.


His team of professionals specialize in high-risk entries and are responsible for successfully executing the proper tactics for many hostage situations, barricaded subjects and active shooter incidents in the St. Louis area. The city and surrounding areas receive more than 250 of these high-risk situations annually. The H.R.T. under his leadership are also involved in self-initiated investigations pertaining to dangerous gang related activities and illegal drug, human and weapon trafficking that are unfortunately very common in some of the city’s most sketchy neighborhoods.


From the years of 1989 to 1993, he served in the U.S. Marine Corps and is a proud veteran of the First Gulf War. He attended the U.S. Marine’s School of Infantry and finished their advanced marine combat training battalion. He also enrolled in a basic engineer course from the elite U.S.M.C. ANGLICO unit and later, the U.S. Army’s school for parachuting where he earned the highly coveted Navy & Marine Corps Parachutist Badge. Ronald Fowlkes currently lives in St. Louis where he spends quality time with his family and volunteers to coach his son’s hockey team during his off-hours.