Stem Cell Therapy: The New Frontier for Disease Treatment

One of the greatest challenges in the field of medicine is finding effective treatments and therapies for the thousands of medical conditions afflicting millions of patients in the world. Over the years, research has focused on the plasticity of the human stem cells to create regenerative therapies for treatment of diseases affecting various organs including the lungs. Stem cell therapy uses the self-renewal capability or plasticity of stem cells to regenerate damaged organs. In the case of lung diseases, the patient’s autologous stem cells are harvested by drawing blood or bone marrow then separating the required cells from the rest of the body cells through differentiation. They are then concentrated and injected into the bloodstream of the patient to begin the process of regeneration. The process has a huge potential of successfully healing the damaged organs but such success is hinged on identifying reputable organizations such as the Lung Institute ( to offer advice and treatment.

The Lung Institute: A Scion of Regenerative Treatment Using Stem Cells

With over 3,000 patients treated, Lung Institute has established a reputation as an industry leader when it comes to provision of regenerative treatment using stem cells. The company is dedicated to combining stem cell therapy with regenerative treatments to help patients suffering from various chronic medical conditions including interstitial lung disease, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The organization also treats pulmonary fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Lung Institute prides itself of being among the few organizations specializing in using stem cell therapy for lung conditions. The Cedars-Sinai based medical organization has five outlets spread in Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona.

Convinced on the revolutionary nature of stem cell treatment technology, Lung Institute has also dedicated to creating awareness on this treatment method. Over 80 percent of the stem cell therapy given by the organization for COPD patients have been successful while numerous patients have provided positive testimonials of their services. The company has participated in various congresses and seminars aimed information dissemination on the technology. One such event is the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research in Italy where it sent a representative. The organization also organizes several events including seminars across various states to create awareness of their services. For more info, visit

Bruno Fagali Offers Fine Legal Services

Bruno Fagali has been practicing the law in Brazil for some time, and he provides legal services that are needed by individuals and companies. He works in the areas of business ethics and compliance, and this article explains how he helps clients every year with their legal needs. There are quite a few people who trust Bruno Fagali, and he gives them the representation they need.

#1: Compliance

Bruno Fagali is a compliance expert who has spent quite a long time in the industry ensuring he may serve his clients properly. He checks the business world for compliance issues, and he helps his clients ensure they are on the right side of the law. He knows all the rules that have been created for a number of industries, and he will sit in with executive boards to ensure they know what they must do to behave properly.

#2: Ethics Law Concerns

The ethics law concerns that are brought before Bruno often concern things that may be explained away. Bruno understands how to help his clients avoid any real damage to their credibility, and he often investigates claims to find they are false. Bruno helps companies make proper ethical choices for their staff, and he has been asked to help file ethics claims against others. Bruno is willing to work on both sides of the courtroom, and he has many clients who trust him quite a lot with this work.

Read Bruno Fagali’s interview with to learn more.

Bruno Fagali is one of the finest lawyers in Brazil, and he believes that anyone may have better representation when visiting his office. He will sit in with companies that need advice, and he will show a company a better way to make ethical choices. Bruno Fagali serves private clients where needed, and he covers the whole of Brazil when legal services are needed.



Breaking The Event Down Into Phases

Some of the best events in NYC have phases. One of the worst things that one could do is run an event that is the same all around. An event that has no changes in the available activities or little events are going to be rather hard pressed to keep people at the party. When people experience all of the activities that the event has to offer, they will be more inclined to leave. This can actually hurt the host because it is not enough for people attend. The best type of event has people that engage.


Event planners in NYC understand that in order to keep the people at the event, it is important to have stages of the event. People have to have activities that come later in the event or at different times of the event. This will keep them because they will be curious to know what is next at the event. Corporate event planners in NYC could go over the types of activities that the host could run during the event. There are a few things that they could discuss about the event. For one thing, they can discuss whether the activities are suitable to the event.


Perhaps one of the best event planning companies in NYC is one that encourages creativity and boldness. Twenty Three Layers is on of these events that are very creative in what they can offer their clients when it comes to themes and different aspects of their events including activities. One thing that Twenty Three Layers is good at is organizing the event into different time slots for different events. The host is then offered suggestions on what to do in order to bring forth the desired results in the event. Many people who go to the event will stay.

Risk Management Karl Heideck

Risk Management with Karl Heideck
Risk Management with Karl Heideck

There are a lot of people in the world of business who want to reduce the risk that their company carries. Over time, hiring someone like Karl Heideck is a great step in this process. He has been there over the years to help many people in this process. Not only that, but he is really excited about what is going on in the economy. He sees all of the economic growth in his area, and he knows that it is going to lead to good things down the road. When you reduce the risk that you have in a business, over time this is going to result in fewer accidents and higher profits. Not only that, but you can start to see the benefits of hiring someone like Karl Heideck really quickly and learn more about Karl.

Karl Heideck

From the time he started in business, a lot of people have been excited to work with Karl Heideck. He is one of those people who has a track record of success in many areas of his life. Not only that, but he can help other people in a variety of ways as well. If you are ready to learn about how to take your life to a new level, this is the way to go. There are many people who want to help him in this process, and Karl Heideck is one of the leading people in the world of litigation. He is going to help you with your risk management philosophy, and he knows how to build wealth for you over time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Karl Heideck is a great person to hire if you want to have a lot of success in your company. He has a lot of experience dealing with these issues, and he will be there if you are ready to try out something new .

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Cannes Masterclass Caps A Glittering Marketing Career For Alexandre Gama

The career of Alexandre Gama is still ongoing as a top advertising executive in his native Brazil and across the world, but for the popular marketing specialist his career has spanned more than three decades.

During a career that began as a writer at Standard Ogilvy, Gama has seen his work awarded many of the top prizes available in the industry, including an amazing 23 Golden lion’s at the Cannes Film Festival where the work of Alexandre Gama has become a popular and regular attendee. Perhaps the biggest honor given to Alexandre Gama by his peers in the film and advertising industry has been the masterclass given by Alexandre at Cannes; this honor is usually reserved solely for those who have reached the very top of their particular aspect of the industry. After spending much of the last decade working in London and the international stage, Alexandre Gama has now returned to the Brazilian advertising industry to head his own Neogama ad agency.

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Focusing On Futurism With Jason Hope

The world is constantly evolving and taking shape in front of us. From futuristic advances in our day to day lives to revolutionary changes in the world of healthcare, future tech is shaping the planet. Futurists, by definition, try to project which technology is going to come out and make an impact on the world.

Jason Hope is one such futurist and he has his eyes set firmly on the Internet of Things, otherwise known as the IoT.

The Internet of Things refers to a world connected by smart technology. When you talk about automated cars, or interfaced technology, you are talking about the Internet of Things. Jason Hope firmly believes that this is the future of the world and society in general. He believes that one day it will be as natural as anything to leave your home, have it lock and power down behind you, before getting into your automated car. Right now the Internet of Things exists on the fringe as a great idea that is finding a way to be executed. Jason Hope believes that it will one day be the way of the world and he is advising corporations and companies everywhere to jump on board.

Of course, Hope is much more than a futurist with a history of blogging his theories. Hope is also a big time philanthropist through the research foundation SENS. SENS Foundation has focused on finding cures for some of the major medicinal problems in the world: Alzheimer’s, lung disease, and heart disease.


Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping off at Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development is a full-service, leading company in the real estate development. For the company, nothing thrills them more than becoming part of the solution to your problems. For this reason, business is what they do to make the world a better place through innovation and technology. JMH Development is one of the most experienced companies in the development of residential and commercial properties in the United States. In the recent past, the company received numerous technological awards in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. JMH Development has an innovative approach to the creation of distinctive properties in Brooklyn.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

JMH Development is also a pioneer in the development of all the good-looking properties in Brooklyn. During that time when the company was founded, the founding members decided to use this company to provide the most innovative business provisions in the region. For this reason, the company has worked to complete more than 200 projects since it was incepted in the United States. JMH Development is also a pioneer in the creation of properties in Cobble Townhill. Most of the features developed by the company in this region are major landmarks. JMH Development was also awarded for completing the major renovation at the 184 Kent. This was a project awarded to the company during this past year. Because the worked hard to produce a better development than the anticipated output, they received an award from Brooklyn Building Award. JMH Development also has a strong commitment to success, quality, and strong properties.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Jason Halpern is the principal and leader of JMH Development. According to him, this business is what creates the difference in the real estate industry. He has also worked hard to make the company stand out of the rest as the most innovative business leader of the world. JMH Development has announced that they have reached the topping off of the South Aloft Beach development. For this reason, they are working hard to experience the best things in the industry. The 235-room hotel will offer the most sophisticated hotel services in the region. It is also expected to be open by the end of 2015.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

The project was awarded to JMH Development. When they got the project, the felt that they will not complete it by the end of the season, for this reason, they decided to sub-contract the services of Madden Real Estate to help them fill out this project in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. They also contracted Plaza Construction to assist in the actual construction of the building. While the company is excited about the announcement made by reaching the topping off of the South Aloft Beach, they also consider it as a signal to commence the next construction phase.

Patty Rocklage – Accomplished Therapist, Supportive Wife and Family Enthusiast

Patty Rocklage is a successful therapist specializing in family psychotherapy and marriage. Her experience spans more than two decades. She is well known for helping couples and families struggle through and find solutions to their problems no matter how bad the situation may be. Patty Rocklage went to the University of South Carolina where she graduated in 1981. She is currently based in Sudbury.

Apart from her training and profession, she is also an excellent coach, team builder, community outreach participant, and a great public speaker. Together with her husband, Dr. Scott, Patty gifted the MIT with a new improved Nanotechnology and Nanochemistry lab, which they help in renovating. It was in the same building that her husband’s foundation was laid hence their urge to give back to MIT. A plaque was made in honor of the couple.

Scott and Patty did not like the appearance of their kitchen. A chance came for them to renovate their house through the Sudbury companies, which is well known for giving the best value for money. The company handles the best renovations at a pocket-friendly price. Sadbury Companies has highly qualified staff that assist in saving time, energy, and resources. The couple had two options when it came to their house renovations. Their main house renovations was to touch on their kitchen and front façade to help visitors locate the main house easily unlike before where most visors would walk to the barn and what Patty knows.

With the strict environmental policy of Sunbury town, renovations were certified under the condition that the expert would recycle everything that they will utilize within the house. This meant that trees would come from the home and the driveway was to be constructed from crushed stone. After completion of the project, the Rocklage couple was pleased with the outcome that left them with a spotless kitchen and a great looking farm porch. The two would recommend Ed and the entire Sunbury Company to any person or family that wants quality, affordable, and excellent renovation of any part of their homes. The accomplished couple were happier with their new home as everything seemed to fit seamlessly and read full article.