The Unicorn Queen

Doe Deere Ideamensch
Sometimes when you really want something and it isn’t available, you have to create it yourself. That is exactly what Russian born musician turned make-up artist, Doe Deere did when she created Lime Crime.

Deere came to the states when she was seventeen. She took up residency in New York where while performing as a musician she also received a degree in fashion. She was already beginning to sew her own clothing. The artist was drawn to the bold and the bright and when she couldn’t find those colors, Deere decided to turn her existing fashion line, Lime Crime, into a make-up line. Her collection carries the eye popping colors that she and so many others were long searching for. She can easily recall applying make-up on her girlfriends at just nine years old. Make-up and fashion have always been her biggest passions.

Doe Deere is referred to as the queen of unicorns. She calls her fans unicorns because like she, they are all unique and beautiful. Her products, which include lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish, can be bought directly online at Deere runs her business out of Los Angeles and is heavily involved with the creation and development of each product. Her collection is animal cruelty-free and she tests each finished product on herself prior to putting it on the market. Deere likes to take credit for creating the liquid-matte lipstick that she calls “Velvetines.”

The self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” doesn’t create her shades and hues to make people look beautiful, but rather creates them to help people feel beautiful. She does not limit her products to any gender and endorses both sexes wearing her make-up. The same woman, who now speaks at seminars, once sold temporary tattoos to her classmates at age thirteen. Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about being a successful entrepreneur. If Doe Deere’s name or face wasn’t familiar to you before, you will not be able to forget the lavender colored, sometimes orange, hair once you hear from her again.

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Question and answers about the Lovaganza

What is the Lovaganza?
The Lovaganza is an event that has been prepared to celebrate the cultures of this earth. The Lovaganza had been scheduled to take place in the year 2015, but the event was postponed to 2020 between the months of May to September.

Why was the event postponed?
First, the event was postponed to give the event planners time to prepare well. Second, the event planners on Tumblr saw the need for waiting so that they can make good use of the emerging technologies, especially in filming and exhibitions.

How has the Lovaganza been organized?
Just like any other event, there is a lot of planning that has been made to make this event a success. First, the event has been divided into two structures. First, there is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which is responsible for generating income that will be used in the preparation of the event. Second, there is the Lovaganza Foundation that focusses on improving the lives of people by relying on the income that has been generated from the Lovaganza Franchise.

Is there anything else that one should know about the Lovaganza?
Yes. Before the real event of Lovaganza, there is a travel show that has been organized to make people aware of the real event. The travel show kick starts in the year 2017 and will achieve its aims through the use of films and exhibitions. The films that will be used in this case are already filmed in different parts of the world like Spain and United States of America as well as France. Also, it’s important to note that Lovaganza event has been inspired by the Bohemian adventure.

Where will be the event be held?
Lovaganza event will be held all over the world as different venues have already been chosen. Currently, eight venues have been designated in Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Pacific region. According to the event organizers, this event has been inspired by several things. First, it has been inspired by events of the past. Second, it has been inspired by the events of the present. Finally, the event organizers on say that this event has been inspired by the event of the future.

Make-Up with a Difference – Lime Crime

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and to look attractive and beautiful always many are going for makeup. The use of make-up also improve an individual’s self-esteem and builds confidence. Lime crime cosmetic is world’s magical beauty company that is dedicated to playing a new role in the make-up and cosmetic industry.

The CEO OF Lime Crime cosmetics, Doe Deere, has brought a new concept and meaning to the cosmetic sector. Doe Deere’s primary focus is to embrace who you are what you feel at the exact moment you are in, this cosmetic firm is repossessing the impression of what is exactly cool and acceptable. Doe Deere’s vision when creating her line of cosmetics, was to provide a uniquely named cosmetic, make-up that is cruelty –free, and a colorful line of cosmetics. Lime Crime has a broad range of products ranging from bold nail polishes, eye shadows to stunning lipsticks, such as the famous velventines.

Lime Crime does not only provide a cool and acceptable meaning of cosmetics, but it has also has had a huge impact in the cyber world. In the social media whether Instagram or Twitter, it has gained 2.5 million followers around the world. The company is run by a team of make-up lovers based in Los Angeles, and the fans consist, young girls, beauty lovers, and beauty newbies who are inspired to be who they are without any fear.

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, she was born in Russia and raised in New York City. She launched Lime Crime after she was unable to find make-up bright enough to match the clothes she was sewing and selling on Ebay. The following year after its inception, the firm it unveiled their first unicorn lipstick, making Lime Crime the cosmetics company to present different and essential lip color in the market. In 2012 it introduced the velvetiness lipstick, and it made way to the modern liquid matte lipstick trend.

All Lime Crime products are vegan since its foundation, but in 2012 it formulated to make their entire products vegan standard. Deere oversees all the firms and the products developments, and she does so with her vision and goals in mind.

Doe Deere is a go-getter and an influencer, and she is an inspiration to many women in the world. She refused to quit her daydream and instead she has taken the role and the responsibility of inspiring and encouraging other women entrepreneurs to follow their dream and never give up. Doe Deere says that their biggest success and breakthrough in the cosmetics industry is when they introduced the liquid-to-matte- lipstick that stays on and does not crumble and is transfer proof. Deere is very dedicated to what she does to improve the cosmetic world as well as make individuals who love to put on make-up fell free and be themselves always.

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Securus Technologies Discusses Facts In Patent Issue Fight

I understand how difficult it can be to become embroiled in a patent battle with a competitor and have seen the difficult time that can be had by a company facing false claims over technology that may not have even been patented in the past. A short time ago I saw the positive attitude the Securus Technologies brand was bringing to the battle this Dallas, Texas based security technology company is facing over security features and monitoring options the company has brought to the industry with great success to more than 1.2 million inmates, according to information I read on the Securus Technologies Website.


As Securus Technologies is looking to fight for its rights in a Texas Federal Court and with the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals board much of the information can be difficult for a regular person such as myself to understand. Reading a press release about the issues relating to the patent issues I was struck by the fact Securus Technologies is discussing the matter in simple terms so every aspect of the issues being discussed by Global Tel Link and Securus can be easily understood.


One of the areas I was impressed by as I read the press release given by Securus Technologies was the common sense approach the CEO of the company has taken to the issues of patents; CEO Richard A. Smith has offered a number of different options to GTL in a bid to end the patent litigation he believes will cause more harm than good for his rival.


College Savings Bank: Your Tuition Is Now Safe

In what may be perceived by many in the banking industry as a bold move to further expand its operations, NexBank Capital, has now ventured into the College Savings Bank scene full-speed ahead. According to John Holt, president and CEO of NexBank Capital Inc., College Savings Bank will continue its branding and name recognition status while maintaining primary operations under the banner of NexBank.

For those unfamiliar with College Savings Bank, it forms a safe-guard for those saving for college, retirement or any other numerous expenses while assuring its contributors that their funds will be held in a secure, stable and lucrative environment for now and future needs. To quote the financial institution’s slogan, “Your money will be there when you need it!”

In business to serve their clients and customer base since 1987, this division of NexBank SSB primarily concentrates on college savings and is a member of the Indiana College Choice CD 529 and Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan.

The NexBank Platform

As part of NexBank Capital Inc., NexBank spans across various diversified financial services via its three-prong core business strategy: commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking.

These results reflect NexBank’s efficiently run and profitable platform. “We have significantly increased earnings year-over-year and improved our asset and deposit channels, while prudently managing our risk and expenses,” said John Holt.

Having been established in 1922, the Dallas-based NexBank entity today enjoys more than $3.5 billion in assets as of June 30, 2016. In addition to the College Savings Bank division, NexBank offers advisory services to other banking entities such as corporate planning advice, advice to the real estate industry, middle-market companies, small businesses and some of the largest financial institutional clients in the market.

LED Light Bulbs Make It Easy To Save Energy

There are several changes you can make to start living a greener lifestyle. You can start by making the switch from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. Using LED bulbs is a great way to save energy in your home.

Do you know why incandescent light bulbs are hot to the touch? The light bulbs become hot because they release their energy as heat. This is why you feel the need to turn off the lights when the room becomes too warm. LED bulbs release less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs. You do not have to worry about turning up the air conditioner because LED bulbs do not cause the room to become too warm.

There are many LED bulbs that work with dimmers, timers and motion sensors. You can dim the lights when only need a small amount of lighting, or you can set the timer so the lights are only turned on during certain times of the day.

Gooee is a company that provides LED and smart lighting systems for home and commercial use. The smart sensors can detect motion, direction and temperature to give you the right amount of lighting. The wireless mesh control ensures you are using the right amount of luminaires in your LED lights. You can even figure out what lighting changes to make with the enterprise gateway.

LED bulbs use at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, and this is great for the environment and your wallet.