Securus Technologies Establishes Video Visitation

Vimeo involves you and your videos by prioritizing your content and offering the best platforms for discovery, inspiration, and sharing. Vimeo was founded by creative filmmakers who wanted to explore videography in 2004. After Vimeo’s establishment, like-minded friends discovered the application and offered community support by acquiring the application. Vimeo has experienced massive growth over the years since its discovery. Vimeo is committed to fueling user’s worlds with a fun-filled environment that allows users to share content respectfully.  Visit Securus Leadership Team for more information.

Vimeo’s Guidelines

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Securus Technologies Video Installation

Securus Technologies is well- known for providing excellent communication services in correctional facilities. Its core objective is connecting inmates with their families and friends. At Securus, the new Video Visitation application allows families to communicate with prisoners at the comfort of their homes. Since the application only requires the internet, Securus Technologies Video Visitation makes communication bearable because there is no need of traveling the entire way to prison to visit your loved one. Also, Video Visitation allows you to involve your loved one in jail in your life at home. Inmates get to share the homely feeling during video visitation.

About Securus

Securus serves over 1,200,000 prisoners across North America while providing incident management, biometric analysis, public information and emergency response services to organizations. The core objective of Securus Technologies is ensuring proper channeling of communication from the source to the recipient. Therefore, the Video Visitation application provides prisoners and families with a convenient means of communication.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.