Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Fancy Dinner While Helping The Mentally Ill

New York City is famous for its massive homeless population. In fact, more than 57,000 people find themselves homeless in the Big Apple. That number is usually much higher than the population of entire towns in the United States.


Unfortunately, more than 40% of those 57,000 homeless are suffering from a mental illness. Mental illness can be a socioeconomic death sentence. More than 85% of those suffering from a mental illness are unemployed and only 32% graduate from school. More than 50% of the mentally ill must be re-hospitalized for their mental illness after receiving treatment. Mental illness is simply a chronic disease that has an ill effect on all aspects of life.


Jeremy Goldstein recognizes this. That’s why he has gathered some of his friends to have a fancy wine dinner in New York City. Some of the wealthiest New York residents attended the wine dinner where an opulent feast was served. Buying a seat at the wine dinner was not cheap and all of the proceeds from a fantastic night went to the Fountain House.


The Fountain House is a charitable organization that was founded back in 1944 for the betterment of the mentally ill. Six people met in a mental hospital in upstate New York and they made each other a promise. They wanted to reach as many people with a mental illness as possible to let them know that they are not alone. They bought a headquarters in New York City just four years later and began their charitable work. It has blossomed into one of the most effective charitable organizations in the world.


The money from Jeremy Goldstein’s wine dinner will help the Fountain House with their incredible success rates. More than 42% of the mentally ill working with the Fountain House have an able to retain a job. Their collective earnings are more than $2 million per year and they work for more than 40 different New York City-based companies.


A staggering 77% of those in Fountain House have completed an education. Only 10% need re-hospitalization and 99% of those in the Fountain House have housing.


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Sahm Adrangi: St. Joe Vastly Overvalued and Mired in Problems

The outlook for the St. Joe Company doesn’t look good among reports from Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital. The company may be facing a large amount of forced selling from their shareholders due to problems within St. Joe’s and the business that have invested in them. Among these businesses, Sahm Adrangi discussed the problems facing their main shareholder, the Fairholme Fund.

The Fairholme Fund owns approximately 1/3 of St. Joe’s, but with new regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission, that is sure to change soon. Like St. Joe, the Fairholme Fun used to be quite an impressive company until poor decisions and market conditions affected their portfolio. Since their peak, Fairholme’s assets have dropped by upwards of 90%. This leaves them in a position where they will be forced to liquidate a considerable portion of their assets to avoid repercussions from the SEC. It’s expected that they will be cutting their shares in St. Joe by around half in order to meet the new regulations.

Even if this was the only potential problem that St. Joe was facing, they would still be facing a questionable future according to Sahm Adrangi. Around a decade ago, St. Joe purchased land near Panama Beach with plans to develop it into an impressive community designed for retirees including housing and businesses. Unfortunately, unlike their other successful communities, the property that they purchased is rather desolate and mired by swampland. While St. Joe may be telling their investors that progress and a return on their investment is coming, the research by Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi shows that no concrete actions have been taken to develop the land. At the time of their research, no building permits had even been applied for.

Sahm Adrangi has presented evidence to show that their $1 billion valuation is severely overhyped and has little or no chance of reaching the promises that they sold to their investors. Kerrisdale believes that the actual value of the company is significantly less by around 40%. It is because of all of this that Kerrisdale has chosen to take a short position on St. Joe.

Aloha Construction, The Company to Call

Choosing a contractor can be a daunting task, one must take into consideration many factors, such as what work needs to be done and which businesses offer the required services. In addition to that, one must consider which companies are known to be trustworthy. Aloha Construction, based out of Lake Zurich, Illinois, is a company that meets all the requirements.

Aloha Construction, winner of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Award in 2017, is one of Illinois’ leading general contractors. Established in 2008, this family owned business has built an impressive reputation over the last ten years. Offering a wide variety of services, such as roofing, siding, and windows as well as kitchen and bathroom design, this is the company to call when any home improvement is required.

The BBB Torch Award is awarded to companies who demonstrate outstanding practices in leadership, community responsibility, and ethics, among other high standards. This award is not given lightly; those who are nominated are thoroughly investigated to ensure that they meet the high standards set by BBB. Aloha Construction exceeded these qualifications and was chosen by a panel of independent judges for their outstanding community service and their high ethical standards, proving that this is a company one can trust.

With this in mind, it is a relief to know that Aloha Construction also offers restoration services, such as roof and vinyl siding repair, as well as smoke and fire damage repair. When faced with the stress and anxiety of a house fire, the last thing a homeowner wants to worry about is who to call when the time comes to start repairs. Aloha Construction is the company to call. Not only do they offer reconstruction services, they will help homeowners deal with insurance claims and even help with post-fire clean up such as deep cleaning carpets and walls. These extra services can mean the difference between rebuilding a house and rebuilding a home.

Aloha Construction proves that holding to high standards, both in business practices and community outreach, is the recipe for success. They have used this recipe to build a strong business with a good reputation that can be relied on, no matter what type of construction is required. This is the company to call.

Shervin Pishevar Knows His Stuff

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian immigrant who came to the United States some 30 years ago. After the country’s former president Ayatollah Khomeini placed a warrant out for the arrest of Pishevar for providing Iranian residents without formal citizenship status instructions for leaving the war-torn dictatorship. Shervin Pishevar knew he had to flee his homeland of Iran – he was born in the Middle-Eastern country and spent the entirety of his childhood there, but he knew he couldn’t risk being executed by the former dictator of Iran because he wouldn’t face punishment for doing something positive for society – which he went through with in the early 1990s.

After Shervin Pishevar safely landed in the United States – the land of opportunity people recognized as such regardless of their nationality – he found a job as a cab driver. His family safely traveled to the land of opportunity to shortly thereafter see Shervin enroll in one of the nation’s – not just the nation’s, but the entire world’s – finest four-year colleges’ molecular biology programs.

That school was none other than the University of California, Berkeley. Although he originally wanted to become a physician, Shervin Pishevar quickly changed his mindset and founded WebOS, a tech company, in 1997. Since then, Pishevar – once named “Bill Gates’ worst nightmare” – has founded a handful of companies on his own, co-founded a couple of other businesses, served on the board of directors at several civic-minded organizations found across the globe, and even reeled in two prestigious awards recognized around planet Earth – the Outstanding American by Choice award in 2012 to which he was elected to receive by the United States federal government, as well as 2016’s Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

Shervin Pishevar said Bitcoin would drop in price just to rebound – it happened. He also claimed that the NYSE would drop in value by thousands of points, which – again – did happen.

In the February tweet storm where he made the aforementioned guesses, he also included that the bond market would soon collapse, which started to happen just a few months ago.

DR Jennifer Walden Giving People a Reason to Smile

Plastic surgery has a bad reputation as being something that only the rich and famous go and have done, he truth of the matter is that this has a lot more purpose than just to lift a persons face or to give them a boost to their bosom. Plastic surgery is getting a better reputation thanks to the work of Dr Jennifer Walden and her group of professionals that work with her. Over the last several years, Dr Walden has taken her passion for plastic surgery and helped to better the looks of a number of her patients that have been self conscious of their looks for a number of reasons over the years.

Dr Jennifer Walden began in 1990 by attending the University of Texas at Austin where she received her BA in Biology. This should have been more than enough of an accomplishment for many people but for Dr Walden, she wanted more in her life. That is when she went and began attending the University of Texas Galveston and graduated Magna Cum Laude a few years later. She also decided to do her residency here as well and then it was time to move on to New York where she would open her first private practice. She would work here for a number of years helping patients that suffered from issues that caused them to be self conscious of their appearance. More people than you might think are not happy with a part of their body and want to make a change to it. In addition to this, there are those that are affected by a condition that prevents them from experiencing the many joys of life.

Her passion would then take her back to her roots and she would set up shop in her native Austin Texas to help those in the area get a new outlook on life and get them past a number of the serious issues that they are experiencing. This is also where she has started up another business that is making use of lasers to help and treat patients with a series of issues. This is why she has become one of the top plastic surgeons in the greater Austin area. This is a classic example of if you love doing something, then you should do it to help others experience your passion as well. To know more about her click here.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best plastic surgeons in the US

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a prominent and famous American plastic surgeon. She hails from Austin, Texas, where she grew up and currently raises her twins. A published author and board-certified doctor, Walden specializes in a variety of cosmetic treatments and cosmetic surgery techniques, including abdominoplasty, Botox, Breast augmentation, implants, liposuction, erectile dysfunction remedies, Emsculpt, and rhinoplasty. She is certified in Texas, New York, where she once worked for several years, and in Florida. In 2016, she was runner-up in Austin as Woman of the Year.

Award-winning Walden graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where she was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Society. She attended the University’s medical school at Galveston and was a member of three honor societies: Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Honor Society, Beta Beta Beta Biological Society, and the Golden Key National Honor Society. She completed her internship and residency in Texas too, with a fellowship in Manhattan.

This accomplished physician serves on many community organizations, and even designs surgical tools. She serves on many national boards too, including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, where she also serves as a commissioner and traveling professor. She is also a clinical assistant professor in Texas, according to her website.

Dr. Walden often appears on local and national TV and in magazines, like Harper’s Bazaar and Vivez. She writes many papers, which she often presents at seminars. She co-writes textbooks too, like the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery book. Jennifer Walden owns the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center and Medspa on 5656 Bee Caves Road in Austin, Texas and she has a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas.

Dr. Saad Saad: A True Modern-Day Hero

Heros can come in various fashions and forms. In every field of work, there are individuals who excel at what they do. These individuals are gifted to the highest degree, and Saad Saad is no exception to the rule. Saad Saad, M.D., is world renowned, and he specializes in pediatric surgery. He just so happens to be one of eight siblings. Saad has now retired after a 47-year-career in the medical industry. His quest to greatness wasn’t easy at all, but he was able to persevere through the ups and the downs. “Don’t seek anything, but the success that you seek,” said Saad. He was born back in the late 1940s, and his father was a skilled petroleum mechanic. This Palestine-native spent most of his childhood years in Kuwait as the Middle East was undergoing a rapid transformation thanks to its oil explosion.


Dr. Saad has grown into a fine medical professional. Thanks to his father, he was instilled with all of the right tools for the trade. His father also told him to seek higher education and that it would payoff in the end. This notion just so happened to be 100 percent true as Dr. Saad has become a highly acclaimed figure throughout pediatric surgery. By arming himself with a ton of knowledge, Saad has been able to build a rock-solid legacy that is well-respected. Back in the 1960s, Saad tackled the field of construction with his brother, but he would soon find that the heat was too much to bare. Saad decided to change personal interests and the rest was history. This basically proves that anyone can change interests and still become successful in other avenues.


“You should never wait for tomorrow to do something that can be completed today,” said Saad. This man truly believes in setting goals and getting them done. His thoroughness of pediatric surgery perfectly personifies who he is and what he actually believes. After relocating to the United States, his goal was to become board certified. He tackled his craft with a passion, and he most definitely completed his goal of becoming a board-certified physician.

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How to Get Your Cut of Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are a tax free investment opportunity that is not run by the government. While the program is not directly run by the government, it is regulated through certain federal law, more specifically Statue 26-F. The law allows for energy companies and related business to thank their inventors by sending out generous dividends. So what qualifies you for this opportunity and what are the guidelines?

First of all, in order to receive a freedom check, you must make a commitment as an investor to the energy company you have just bought stocks from. You must continually invest in the the company. Freedom checks are not a get rich quick scheme. They require substantial amounts of investments and must meet very specific regulations. One of these regulations on the company’s end is that 90% of that check should come from transportation, storage, production or processing of oil and/or gas in the united States, the second regulation is that companies must send out these checks once a year. So how do you get yours?

Right now there are $34.6 billion in freedom checks and in order to get your cut, you must invest in what is known as a Master Limited Partnership, or MLP. MLPs function in the role of a publicly traded partnership. Which basically means you can enjoy the high liquidity of publicly traded company, while also obtaining the tax related advantages of a partnership. MLP’s are not a recent thing. They have been around for years and there are basically two different types. One involves limited partners hwo purchase MLP shares and provide initial capital, and the MLPs that are bought by the public. In order to get your cut of a freedom check, you have be part of the public who’s buying them.

Expert market analyzer and geology professor Matt Badiali says that the key to making a smart investment in an energy company that will pay out freedom checks is to do your own research about MLPs and decide which one you want to invest in, and how much capital you’re willing to invest.

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Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group

Since the formation of Fortress Investment Group in the year 1998, the firm which first began operations as a private equity firm has been a trendsetter in its rights. This can be confirmed by its 2007 IPO when it made a mark as the first private equity firm to go public on the NYSE. Currently, the firm stands as a diversified worldwide investment management firm that deals with more than 43 billion dollars of assets for over 1,750 investors. The assets are in the form of permanent capital vehicles, private equity, hedge funds including others. The Fortress Investment group has its headquarters in New York and has over 900 employees. The firm has three principals who include Randal Nardone who is based in New York, Wes Edens and Peter Briger who is based in San Francisco. Originally, Fortress was founded by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and a retired principal known as Rob Kauffman. It is as after Kauffman retired that Peter Briger joined as a principal.

Bridge beside being a principal is also the chairman of the Fortress Investment Group board of directors. He has been in the board as a member since the November of 2006 wherein 2009 was elected the co-chairman of the Group’s commission. He has also been a member of the management committee at the company since the year 2002. Currently, he is the head of the Credit and Real Estate business at Fortress Investment Group. Before joining the group in the year 2002, Peter Briger had already spent around 15 years at Goldman, Sachs & Co were in 1996 became a partner. He is also on the board of Tipping Point which is a non-profit organization that serves low income earning families in the area of San Francisco. Bridger is also a board member at Caliber Schools which is a network of charter schools that ensure that it students are well prepared to be successful in the four competitive years that awaits them in college and beyond that. Peter Briger has a B.A degree from Princeton University. He also holds an M.B.A from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School Of Business.

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Chris Burch, an entrepreneur with a strong personality

Chris Burch is without a doubt the most diverse and innovative entrepreneur of our age. For more than forty years, he has proved this statement correct. Entrepreneurs have one major challenge: staying creative and relevant to their ventures. However, for Chris Burch, this has been his daily cup of tea. Burch Creative Capital has been able to work with multiple industries with different markets. Through the leadership of Chris Burch, the investment company has been instrumental in the reintroduction of companies and brands in the hospitality industry, entertainment and lifestyle brands. His partnership with different brands such as ED, which was an exceptional partnership with Ellen DeGeneres is probably one of the most well documented recent collaboration.

The idea of Burch Creative Capital was a product of his personal experience in the business world. As a young person, Burch was intrigued by the concept of value addition and how this idea can be instrumental in changing entrepreneurs’ lives. The idea of creating a haven for great entrepreneurs has been part of his journey since he was a young adult. He is a believer of ideas’ ability in changing the world. For these life-changing ideas to be of great help, Chris Burch is a believer of working together as teams, reference (

The reason why Chris Burch has been able to be one of the best personalities in the ever-changing entrepreneurial world is his strong personality. According to him, the best way to read trends is by paying close attention to people. This capability has enabled him to understand people and get bottom of each one’s ability. Having an intimate understanding of people according to him has always given him the ability to listen. Listening comes with the ability to understand the complex mind and desire of consumers. This ability according to him is the greatest gift of any entrepreneur.

The life of Chris Burch sounds like a perfect life without regrets, failures, and disappointments. However, he disagrees with this notion. Just like any entrepreneur or an innovator, Chris Burch has had his share of the sad side of entrepreneurship. However, according to him, these moments presents him with a chance to take a break and reflect on different factors. Another aspect of dealing with regrets, failures, and disappointments according to him is always taking the responsibility. According to many young and seasoned entrepreneurs, this concept of owing failures and taking responsibilities might be foreign concept, as posted on

Apart from getting inspired by multiple opportunities, he gets inspirations from partners, and Ellen DeGeneres is one of them. Chris Burch believes the world can learn so much from Ellen is the level of interactions she initiates with potential clients and her ability to capitalize on the opportunities, check

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